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Observations Made on Learning Differences between SETTS and Regular Methods of Delivery in Mathematics - Assignment Example

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I offered to assist Mr. Jacob the grade three SETSS teacher in assisting and personally analyzing the difficulties associated with teaching one of his students, and he happily obliged…
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Observations Made on Learning Differences between SETTS and Regular Methods of Delivery in Mathematics
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"Observations Made on Learning Differences between SETTS and Regular Methods of Delivery in Mathematics"

Download file to see previous pages I spent one hour with the student on the first day of my assessment and two hours on the second day, the two sessions from which I compiled my report. On the first day I decided to dwell on a previously covered area, addition and subtraction of two digit numbers. Luckily for me, she was cooperative right from the beginning. This particular student was good once the class kicked off and she was reminded the basics. She could easily work out the tests I gave her at the end of my initial one hour with her, and she was very encouraged when I commended her good work. She was able to follow my examples and come up with her own solutions. However, she got stuck when I removed from her sight the examples I had worked out for her, and she kept referring to her previous correct work. When I finally requested her to now work on simple problems without referring, she got very stuck and answered with great uncertainty. The loss of confidence could be attributed to lack of enough practice, and I decided to assess her from the current topic on measurements that was more familiar to her at the moment. We embarked on reviewing measurements and she showed proper grasp of the different measurement units. I gathered from her performance that memorizing a topic for long was quite a challenge, which meant that she could hardly cope when the teacher proceeded to other topics that built on the previous ones. I found that Mr. Jacob had identified the same problem and he explained that it recurred among three of his special students. He ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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