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Social Research Project Proposal Name Institution Date Abstract Research on teacher preparation is a multifaceted, interactive, layered and ongoing mix of people, contexts, beliefs, ideas and activities. To make any learning institution more culturally responsive, institutions should carry out reforms on school organization, community involvement and school policies and procedures…
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Social Research Project Proposal
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Download file to see previous pages Data collection will involve the use of questionnaires and observations while analysis will entail the use of descriptive statistics such as calculation of mean and mode. The results will then be presented in form of graphs and tables. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Table of Contents 3 Social Research Project Proposal on Cultural Diversity of our Society and the Implications for Education 4 Problem Statement 4 Justification 5 Aim 5 Objectives 6 Hypothesis 6 Limitations 7 Literature Review 7 Research Design 8 Population and Sample 8 Methodology 8 Time Plan 9 Validity and Reliability 10 Data Presentation and Analysis 10 Recommendations 10 Conclusion 10 References 11 Social Research Project Proposal on Cultural Diversity of our Society and the Implications for Education Research on teacher preparation is a multifaceted, interactive, layered and ongoing mix of people, contexts, beliefs, ideas and activities. To make any learning institution more culturally responsive, institutions should carry out reforms on school organization, community involvement and school policies and procedures. Not only should reforms occur institutionally but personally, as well. Some of the personal reform strategies that teachers can apply in becoming culturally responsive include engaging in reflective thinking and writing, and developing an appreciation for diversity among others. Historically, insignificant research has been carried out on the effective methods necessary to prepare teachers to relate to diverse learners in the classroom. The proposed project will investigate the strategies that can be applied in preparing teachers to work with immigrant children arriving in Arizona who have limited background. The research project will also demonstrate familiarity and understanding of the principal social, family and language characteristics of a culture that has contributed to American history. Problem Statement The Arizonan education system serves a linguistically and culturally diverse student population who enroll in the learning system with diverse dialects and varying degrees of English proficiency. Their learning, communication and behavioral tendencies are different owing to their diverse ethnic, regional and socioeconomic backgrounds. Unfortunately, most of the students fail to perform well because many teachers are inadequately prepared to offer culturally inclusive and appropriate education (Banks and Banks, 2004). These teachers are unable to provide discipline-based instructions to diverse student populations in the classroom. Additionally, most of them are unable to recognize individual and cultural differences as reflected in human relations, motivational incentives, communication skills and learning. They have minimal knowledge on how culture, ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomic level, and religion can affect the educational environment of a student. Justification The increased diversity of the students enrolling in Arizonan schools has forced the teacher training programs to start conceptualizing their programs towards diversity. The thrust towards performance uniformity in Arizonan schools has necessitated the establishment of a more substantive and comprehensive education system that enables teachers to address the many cultures represented in a classroom ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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