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Project Proposal ( HR & CSR Connection ) - Research Paper Example

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A research question would be the most appropriate method of dealing with my suggested topic because it will help me in gaining greater insight into the topic. It will also assist me in establishing the relationship that exists between the human resource departments and the…
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Project Proposal ( HR & CSR Connection )
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Extract of sample "Project Proposal ( HR & CSR Connection )"

Project Proposal (HR & CSR Connection) Section Aims of the Dissertation The project proposal aims at investigating the following hypothesis or answers the following research question(s).
Does the Human resource department in an organization play a vital role in enabling the employees comply with their corporate social responsibilities?
Are the Human Resource Departments and corporate social responsibilities of an organization responsible for its growth?
What relationship exists between the Human Resource Departments and the Corporate Social Responsibilities of an organization?
Section 2. Importance of Research Question
A research question would be the most appropriate method of dealing with my suggested topic because it will help me in gaining greater insight into the topic. It will also assist me in establishing the relationship that exists between the human resource departments and the corporate social responsibility of an organization. These results will further enable the utilization of the best policies in the Human Resource Departments to ensure that the corporate social responsibilities of the organization are efficiently achieved for their benefit.
Section 3. Feasibility
Performing a feasibility study involves the determination of the practicability of the successful completion of a project. It will be beneficial in determining whether the resources at the disposal of the project team are adequate for completing the proposed project successfully.
The financial resources required to complete the project successfully are available but they are not adequate. Additional sources of funds will be acquired by obtaining loans from the local financial institutions and other non financial institutions. The technology required is also available and will be useful in ensuring that the project is completed within the budget and time limits that have been set for it. However, some advanced technologies such as software programs for simulation purposes will be leased out from other organizations or purchased from local or international vendors. This is because there is no team in the project that will be tasked with the responsibility of developing software programs. On the other hand, the operations of the existing software within the organization have been determined and all the readily available ones have been found to operate as required in accomplishing their desired objectives. The accessibility to data has already been acquired with the subjects to be interviewed or questioned having already given their consent to participation. The performance of the project will have adequate time to complete which has already been set aside by the management of the organization as covering a period of one year.
Section 5. Why I am Doing This Topic
The topic being covered will enable me to acquire my master degree as it is a requirement in my coursework. It will also enable me to acquire the skills of managing employees and other personnel working for an organization to ensure they assist in the effective attainment of the project’s goals. I will also be able to develop a fostering environment for the workers so that their productivity is augmented due to their increased satisfaction. The project will finally help me in establishing the relationship that exists between the Human Resource Departments of an organization and their responsibility of accomplishing their corporate goals.
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Schwab, D. P, 2004, Research Methods For Organization, Routledge, New York. Read More
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