Assessing the Effect of Balancing Roles Pertaining to Work And Family Among Workers - Research Proposal Example

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This paper talks that the issue of managing issues pertaining to work and family is quite challenging for most workers. It has contributed to several problems both at homes and at places of work. Even though work has several benefits, it also affects people negatively. Both the advantages and disadvantages of work have a direct connection to family life of workers…
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Assessing the Effect of Balancing Roles Pertaining to Work And Family Among Workers
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Extract of sample "Assessing the Effect of Balancing Roles Pertaining to Work And Family Among Workers"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the purpose of the research is to establish ways of balancing both work and family roles and the manner of influencing such balance to ensure minimal or little conflicts arises thereby, ensuring high productivity levels and increased standard of living. PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The purpose of the research is to establish the significance of balancing the roles of work and family among workers, and thereby accessing whether it contributes to positive or negative living. The research is therefore going to determine whether work - family interface is an intersection of social roles. HYPOTHESIS OF THE STUDY There is mutual benefit for balance between work and family among workers. STUDY OBJECTIVES The general objective of the study is to determine the effect of balancing roles of work and family among workers. However, the specific objectives of the study include: a) To determine the implications for not balancing both work and family needs or roles b) To determine in situations of conflict, which between work – family interface and family – work interface leads to more conflict c) To determine the cost of the conflicts associated with work – family and family – work conflicts. d) To determine whether people get satisfied when they balance both work and family 1.4 RESEARCH QUESTIONS For the research to attain the objectives above, it will be guided by the research questions below: a) What are the implications for not balancing both work and family needs? b) In case there is conflict, which between work – family interface and family – work interface contributes to more conflict. c) What is the cost of the conflicts associated...
The proposed study seeks to collect data through application in depth interviews that are semi structured. This form of data collection consists of specific topic sections that are to be covered during the process of interview. Nevertheless, the exact questions as well as the precise wording of the questions depend on the interviewer. This is advantageous and flexible since it makes the researcher to be flexible as he or she can respond to issues conveyed by the participants. Moreover, the researcher can ask inquisitive questions as well as permit the respondents to discuss anything they deem as important. Interview questions will be given to the respondents several days before the actual interview. The aim will be to provide room for the participant to reflect on personal experiences thereby, preparing them earlier enough for the interview. The interview will be conducted face to face and will approximately take 10 minutes in length at the place of work.
Initial data analysis will entail marking patterns as well as consistencies within the data collected while at the same time noting the differences as well as similarities between each narrative. The data collected through interview will be analyzed through data reduction, data display, and further drawing of conclusions. Data reduction will entail data simplification and organization into manageable parts. Data simplification will incorporate application of both first and second level coding systems. Later, the information will be presented in graphs for presentation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assessing the Effect of Balancing Roles Pertaining to Work And Family Research Proposal.
“Assessing the Effect of Balancing Roles Pertaining to Work And Family Research Proposal”, n.d.
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