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Reading Educational Research - Essay Example

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READING EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH Name Name of Instructor Name of Institution In their article, Archer, Halsall and Hollingworth (2007, p. 3) provide research findings on masculinities and femininities of the youth within urban settings…
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Reading Educational Research
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Download file to see previous pages According to Archer, Halsall and Hollingworth (2007, p 167), there are clear distinctions between the two gender identities: Femininities and Masculinities. It is in this regard that a qualitative methodology is applied to research and bring out these differences. More significantly, the implication of the differences in gender identities on the society and the behavior of the youth are described by the authors. It is argued by qualitative researchers that a methodological approach is an effective way of investigating and describing differences between people (Silverman, 2004, p. 59). It is in relation to this argument that Archer, Halsall and Hollingworth (2007, p 173) have focused in two major areas in their article. Firstly, the events in which young women participate in as compared to the male counterparts. Secondly the authors reflect on the social environment in general with an aim of demonstrating the views of the society on gender identities and gender roles. Archer, Halsall and Hollingworth (2007, p 170) employ theoretical perspectives and resources to interpret the data of the qualitative study. It is argued that a theoretical framework is used to add credibility to the discussion of research findings especially when a qualitative methodology is used to describe a social issue (Strauss & Corbin, 1998, p. 9). The theoretical framework employed by the authors in their discussion is that of feminism. The authors describe the various categorization of feminism such as hetero-normative sexuality, heterosexual femininities and hyper femininity. Through the theoretical framework and research findings, the authors present the reader with three main arguments as described in the following sentences. Firstly, the disengagement of working class girls from schooling is mediated by the manner in which they construct hetero-femininities. Secondly, Archer, Halsall and Hollingworth (2007, p 169) point out that the ethnic diversity among inner city girls construct the capital which they acquire as a way through which they would generate self worth, identity and value. Lastly, the authors explain the reasons why the young girls invest more on glamorous appearance. According to Skeggs (1997, p. 124), identities are constructed through cultural and social theory. Skeggs (1997) discusses gender, class and culture in relation to feminism and argues that theoretical view of these issues in an effective approach for deeper understanding. It is therefore evident that Skeggs (1997, p. 145) presents arguments that are congruent with the postulates of Archer, Halsall and Hollingworth (2007, p. p 176). This is exemplified by reflection that the modern society is characterized by changing power relations and gender roles. Skeggs (1997) further explains that gender and class should be fused so that the representation of power relations in the society can be understood fully. Nonetheless the information that is presented by Skeggs (1997, p. 170) is based on an ethnographic research. This author uses the works of Pierre Bourdieu and the feminist theory to describe the position that is occupied by the female gender within the modern society. The ethnography of gender and class helps in understanding the differences between the two gender identities within a school social environment. According to Archer, Halsall and Hollingworth (2007, p 178), the working class gir ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reading Educational Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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