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The paper "Self Realization in Terms of Lifestyle" assumed that one’s special features are what create their personality. Additionally to this, one should be able to understand the different lifestyle in terms of race, class and ability as offered by society…
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Self Realization in Terms of Lifestyle
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Download file to see previous pages As a child, I felt the perception that everyone was the same in terms of religion, race and class. Then, the difference among people never seemed significant to me. But with growth, I was exposed more and more to the society and that enabled me to understand the difference in lifestyles among people. Interaction with people gave me the perception of their identity. Firstly, gender was the first difference I noted among individuals. Gender is the most significant difference that a person can relate to and note the difference (Barnes, 2009). The issue of class and race was never significant since as children what brought together was the fact that we had common hobbies. As a child, I had an innocent perception which did not give me a chance of creating barriers depending on class and race. Additionally, factors defining one’s class and race were not significant. In my eyes, all people lived in one world and there was no difference between me and anyone else in it. Sexual identity was the main and major facts that I noticed about myself. Sexual identity shaped about 90 percent of my daily activities. On realizing my sexual identity, my sexual orientation also came along with it. This happened significantly during my teenage life when one is needed to choose friends and companions. Sexual identity comes along with physical change depending on your gender. Upon knowing my sexual identity and orientation I was able to know my strengths and weaknesses. It also made me realize what was expected of me in society. Professionally, my sexual identity does not play a much significant role since I believe in equality among all genders and sexual orientations. However, being a male or a female in a working station may determine the stipulation of activities you will be required to partake. When growing up I slowly understood about disability and ability which enabled me to choose activity preferences in my life and most importantly while choosing my profession. In understand disability I came to know reasons why some individuals could not perform specific tasks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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