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Transformation and Society: Associating Modernization to Both Secularization and Increased Religiosity - Term Paper Example

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This project is designed to illustrate the effects of modernization within the conceptual frameworks of secularisation and increased levels of religiosity. This work explores the outcome for religiosity, on a global scale, in the face of social, economic, New Age and technological transformations…
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Transformation and Society: Associating Modernization to Both Secularization and Increased Religiosity
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Extract of sample "Transformation and Society: Associating Modernization to Both Secularization and Increased Religiosity"

Download file to see previous pages In its best definition, modernization is a term that refers to a society industrialization, urbanization, development of mass education and its adoption of science and sophisticated technology. Modernization maintains a significant impact on social ideals as scientific beliefs permeate the culture and provide explanations for many aspects of life which people traditionally attributed to spiritualism (Henslin, 2003). In this respect, the significance of established religious ideals within rapidly modernizing cultures can theoretically become overshadowed as the identification with spiritualism diminishes; substituted for the perceived enlightenment offered by scientific knowledge. This decrease in commitment to religious beliefs, practices, and values is a term referred to as secularisation, which indicates growing divisions between religiosity and that of more Westernised living.
In contrast, the process of modernization has been known to spark an increase in spiritualism, within certain groups, as resilient religious organizations oppose contemporary living and remain firmly devoted to traditionalist religious beliefs in defiance against modern ideas. The influence of Westernised cultures can be felt in a substantial number of developing nations as industrial improvements, global business and mass media impose modernization on cultures that are somewhat forced to adapt to change in order to thrive in a rapidly modernizing world. The result: a growing movement toward religious devotion which rejects the separation between religiosity and modern principles.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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