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Book Report - Assignment Example

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This is explored in the chapters 17 and 18 to show the events that influenced the two phenomena. The influence of the farmers was felt during the late 19th century in America. The farmers,…
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Book Report
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Extract of sample "Book Report"

Book Report The books by Eric Foner show the American progress in relation to equality and progress. This is explored in the chapters 17 and 18 to show the events that influenced the two phenomena. The influence of the farmers was felt during the late 19th century in America. The farmers, due to the problems they were facing in the agrarian sector, mainly due to low pricing for their commodities and the increasing dependency of the country’s economy. This led to the formation of an alliance by the farmers in rural America to address these concerns (Foner 235). The aim of the alliance was to gain more influence in the monetary system and the governance of the country. They believed this would be achieved only when the power was shifted back to the worker, consequently, ending the country’s inclination to a being run by the capitalist elite rather than a democratic state. Foner shows how the public’s sensed of a power imbalance in the country leading to the populist movement, which sought to address the problem by ensuring there, was equality. This will mean that the public will have more voice in the crucial sectors in the country in that there were reforms in the country’s economic systems and policies.
The populist movement, which can be traced to rural America, involved both whites and the black populace. The movement aimed to make certain that the apprehensions of both parties were addressed and that there was equality in the land. This was through uniting the interest of both parties and presenting them through a united front. The mobilization of this movement was done mainly during social events like picnics among other social avenues (Niemi, William, and Plante 217). These meetings provided a platform for the spread of the populist agenda. The women were also involved in the process hence removing the gender barrier. The populist movement ensured that the society was equal in that the interests of all the parties were encompassed in the movement’s agenda (Foner 213). The populist movement attempted to bring equality to America. With the country’s rise to being a super, power its responsibilities in term of ensuring equality in and outside its boundaries. This was through the stop of imperialist expansion, which was a threat for the liberties of other nations. Through this America ensured that there was equality for the small nations and the mighty ones.
Foner also explores the significance of the progressive era. The progressive era involved idealists who aimed to reform the political process. They noticed that there was unchecked corruption in the country, whereby the large corporations were the main culprits (Leonard, p128). They also identified the legal system was compromised, and exploitation of the community was a reality. This necessitated reforms to ensure the progress of America is actualized and the social problems that were being experienced to be addressed. This will mean an overhaul of the system was justified. These issues dissatisfied the middle class encompassing both genders, who wanted the country to progress both economically and politically (Foner 190). The onset of the progressive movement was sparked by the iniquitous electoral system. The system poisoned all aspects of the lives of the American public, in that there was no effective system for choosing political leaders. The ideology of the progressive movement pulled support from the rich, and poor alike who were eager to address the social issues afflicting the nation. This involved the large corporations and the pressure emanating from an influx of immigrants on the locals.
The two eons were influential in determining the American political landscape. The reforms that resulted from these eras defined the equality and progress being witnessed in the contemporary America.
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