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Education Assesment Plan - Essay Example

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Assessment plan Name Institution This essay evaluates the effectiveness of an assessment plan designed to appraise the alphabetical ordering skills of students at preparatory level. In doing so, it considers critical components such as the assessment context, assessment tools and expected constraints…
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Education Assesment Plan
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"Education Assesment Plan"

Download file to see previous pages Learners who are able to read letter A to Z, A to L and A to G without errors are assigned grade 3, 2 and 1respectivelty. Since the students involved are at lower level the issue of time needed to complete is task is a major constraint. Besides, the entry behavior of the students and question of whether to inform the students about the standard for awarding score provides a big challenge. However, the assessment plan adheres to various principles of evaluation and hence suitable for assessing performance level. A school as an agent of social change is accountable to the community. The society expects a school to provide quality education that meets both the individual and national demands. One instrument available for establishing whether a school responds to this goal is through assessment. An assessment refers to the process of gathering, scrutinizing, analyzing, giving meaning to both qualitative and quantitative data and presenting a report about a particular area of study. The report acts as basis for formulating policies at school and national level. Moreover, it gauges the level of achievement of learning objectives. A teacher may choose to assess student continuously in class (formative assessment) or administer a test at the end of the term (summative assessment). Although, one type of assessment may be preferred over the other, an assessment as whole is an integral part of learning process. Therefore, the process of evaluation must not fall below standard. The process can be improved by planning the entire assessment process. An assessment plan is scheme detailing objectives, context, content, task and time of assessment. For any assessment to achieve its intended goals, it must be valid. This means it must test whatever it meant to evaluate without ambiguity (Morrow et al, 2006). Consequently, the assessment should relate to the content or curriculum. The study of alphabets is key requirement in the learning of language. It is the foundation of word formation. The assessment correctly tests this area by letting the students recite the alphabet from A to Z and assign specific words to each letter. Therefore, the assessment is meaningful. The test captures all aspects of the content such as recitation, sequencing and word building. Moreover, the mental complexity of the student is tested by asking students to identify the missing letters in a sequence. A apart from validity, an assessment should also be reliable. A reliable assessment is one which is consistent and produces similar results if it was repeated. As a result, a student should get almost same score if the assessment was done again (Maureen, 2006). This assessment is done under same condition and instruction. Each student is expected to perform same task of reciting the alphabets. Therefore, no significant variation in the performance of student is expected if the test was repeated because the instructions are clear. Again, the students are given tasks with same level of difficulty irrespective of their cognitive abilities. A student who is able to recite all alphabets is expected to fill the missing alphabets in a sequence. This demonstrates high level of internal consistency. The students are given time to perform the tasks and demonstrate their skills and abilities. In addition, they have been given an opportunity to grade themselves. The students should be made aware of the assessment criteria before commencing a test ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Education Assesment Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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