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Senior Students in Business Major with Higher GPA Tend to Pursue their Masters Degree - Research Paper Example

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Senior Students In Business Major With Higher GPA Pursue Their Masters Degree Tutor Institution Date Senior Students in Business Major with Higher GPA Pursue Their Masters Degree The higher education in the world since the 20th century has created wide access to various opportunities and a network of numerous colleges and universities…
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Senior Students in Business Major with Higher GPA Tend to Pursue their Masters Degree
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Download file to see previous pages It is not also sufficient to supporting a family and meeting of the full responsibilities involved in citizenship. In various countries, students are beginning to attain and surpass this educational achievement. Therefore, they aim at pursuing a Masters degree after attaining high GPA in their major. There is also the issue related to fast growing segments of the population in the world. This is where minorities and low-income students have been the least successful through the educational system. Therefore, there is the need for improved performance in order to sustain the health of the society and meeting aspirations and hopes for a satisfying life. This calls for the students that have attained higher GPA to be among the best educated people in the world through pursuing the Masters degree. Additionally, the students that have the desire to achieve the best in their lives do not set the limits for their success. They tend to continue to the achievement of their full potential. These are substantial for students to continue with the Masters degree in order to achieve in their lives. These students understand what they need to achieve from the education systems. ...
Business-Higher Education Forum (2004) explains that the businesses leaders have been persistently urging more attention to education, asserting the knowledge and skill of the workforce. This is considered to determine the economic future. This is In order to meet these expectations; nearly every student with the higher GPA is encouraged to enroll for the Masters degree. Different people have been dependent on university faculty for the discovery of new knowledge, in order to be applied it to solving the practical problems. This facilitates enhancing the community and peoples living standards. In these universities, students that have the perfect contribution to the provision of knowledge are those that are Mastering. Therefore, it would be in the desires of every student who is achieving to be associated with the effort of providing the knowledge. According to Business-Higher Education Forum (2004), researchers in the field of education propose that among the American degree holders from the business schools foreign-born individuals’ account for 16 percent of bachelor’s degrees, 30 percent of Masters Degrees, and 29 percent of doctoral degrees (Business-Higher Education Forum, 2004). Business-Higher Education Forum (2004) explains that the immigrant students in the United States in business schools have been beneficial for their countries and the rest world. This is because many of them seek the Masters Degree programs for the U.S and longer rely on the imported brainpower in their countries. Therefore, there is a growing need of the students in their degree programs in various universities around the world to pursue the Masters degree after achieving higher GPA. The students with the higher GPA are also encouraged to pursue the Master ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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