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Bachelor's degree obtaining - Research Paper Example

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Bachelor’s Degree Every person in this world has a different perspective about education. Basically, a bachelor’s degree is an academic qualification awarded by a college or university when an undergraduate course has been successfully completed (ezinarticles)…
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Bachelors degree obtaining
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Extract of sample "Bachelor's degree obtaining"

Download file to see previous pages ” written by Marty Nemko and Charles Murray, they express their ideas and they believe that the aspiration to achieve a bachelor's degree is not worthwhile for all students. Their views are very contrary to my point of view. A bachelor's degree is very important and needed by everyone. It is indeed worthwhile for all students to get their bachelor’s degree because of the many advantages the degree offers to each and every individual, especially in today’s world. In the essay “America’s Most Overrated Product: The Bachelor’s Degree” written by Nemko, a career counselor, columnist, and radio host based in Oakland, he expresses the idea that the goal of obtaining bachelor’s degree is not worthwhile for all students. He claims that most of the students today are not good students, but they just want to prove to the others that they can get the bachelor’s degree. Many students take it really long time to finish their education. Some of them are even dropouts from school. These days many students do pass the examinations but eventually they do not really understand what it is all about. Nemko has noted that nowadays 40% of freshmen do not graduate from their school even in 6 years. Eventually, the college graduates of today’s time are compelled to take up some unprofessional jobs that they really do not want to join. The job that they get is not the job that they dream of. College and universities nowadays are like businesses and the students who are study there are the cost item (Nemko). Many institutions educate their students in the cheapest way. They do not teach their students in the way they should teach them. Normally, these educational institutions have many large lecture classes, but only a handful of good teachers are available. The teachers who are appointed by these institutions are hired because of their research potential and not because they have the ability or the inclination to teach the students. It would be better for colleges to hold much higher standards for their education. This might cause them to cost much more and it will require more time for the students to get their degree. But when someone is conferred the degree, it would prove to be something of great value to their lives. Nowadays, most people who are new graduates and have been selected for jobs lack the essential skill sets required for what the job description demands from the selected candidate. This goes on to show the insignificance or the lack of true value of the degree they have been conferred on. The author has also been of the opinion that college selection should ideally be a wise choice for students and that very few students are actually currently encouraged to make such crucial considerations. He opines that it is better for someone to pursue their education and not get their degree if they are forced to take it. On the other hand, the essay “Should the Obama Greneration Drop Out?” written by Murray, a scholar at American Enterprise Institute, also expresses the same idea that the goal of obtaining bachelor’s degree is not worthwhile for all students. In his essay, he discusses Obama’s ideas. Obama’s idea is about expanding the use of community colleges and tuition tax credits (Murray). The bachelor’s degree has nowadays become one of the foremost criteria for most jobs. Again, it is imperative that making the bachelor’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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