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How can I come professional in safety major - Essay Example

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In the paper “How can I come professional in safety major?” the author analyzes the process of observing and analyzing work environment in order to ensure that workers are not exposed to hazards. Majority of firms have taken the initiative to train their employees on safety measures…
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How can I come professional in safety major
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Download file to see previous pages Due to time and geographic constraints, not all students can enroll for on-campus programs. In this regard, some colleges and universities conduct their coursework on line. It is also possible for one to be a safety professional by taking a certificate course in occupational safety. A certificate program in most cases lasts for few months. Within that period, practitioners are prepared to undertake national certification exams for example the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Even though a certificate in safety is limited in terms of courses, it gives basic safety skills such as regulations, prevention of accidents, safety policies among others (Jeroen et al 17). An individual who want to be a safety personnel can also undertake an associate degree in occupational safety. This course gives imperative training that prepares students to enter well paying job. Being focused at developing students on communication skills, handling safety equipments and detection of hazards, associate degree in occupational safety prepares the graduates to work as junior safety practitioners or pre-service. By working for some time in any of these posts, an individual is able to acquire relevant skills that make him or her to be promoted to senior position in the safety department. Taking a minimum of 65 credit hours, associate degree in occupational safety takes a minimum of 2 years to complete.An individual who aims at attaining appropriate qualification in safety should undertake a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety. Key aspects that are covered by this program includes fundamental course in safety, upper-division specialists and an internship at the end of training. As compared to an associate degree, coursework undertaken by students in Bachelor degree is usually extensive and more involving. Consequently, individuals with a bachelor’s degree in occupational safety have extensive knowledge that exposes them to more job opportunities. Being a course that is offered by majority of universities in the world, Bachelors degree in safety provides relevant skills to individuals. Some of the major areas that are covered by bachelor's degrees in occupational safety includes writing skills, health and social theory, oral presentations, management and leadership skills among others. Employees or individuals who are focused at improving their skills in safety but have no access to on-campus program can take online Bachelor’s degrees in occupational safety. It is vital to note that based on their flexibility, on line courses have turned to be major opportunity that employees can take to improve their safety skills thus becoming eligible for promotion (Charles and Mortimer 36) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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