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Discussion and Conclusion - Essay Example

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Chapter 6 DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION Discussion The statistics for the scale responses and total motivational scale scores from the above results may provide a reliable ground for further qualitative assessment of working experience through in-depth interviews, but as well constitute a group of stand-alone results…
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Discussion and Conclusion
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Extract of sample "Discussion and Conclusion"

Download file to see previous pages for “prefer not to interact with the community” (?=6.29). The high mean score of the number of the respondents were as a result of negative perception towards the community as well as the rewards associated with teaching in the community schools. The low motivation in the school communities makes many people to shy away and don’t want to interact or take part in any activity which might join them together. It may also have resulted due to the conflict which exists between that group of teachers and the community in question causing the disparity. As many people would like to identify themselves with certain aspects of the society, others seems to rebel and don’t want to be associated with certain aspects of the community hence limiting their interaction. The similar situation was the same with respondents who “would prefer not to interact with the community in the future” (?=6.13) items; and, second, more modest expectations of the improvement of community relatedness, as indicated by lower mean scores for items such as “could become closer if interacted a lot” (?=4.85). ...
This group of participant may be made up of the teachers who came from that community and can freely interact with the community if they became closer to them. At the same time, the scores may represent those individuals who have not identified themselves with the community and have not realized the benefits. Competence scores present an even more striking result related to the science teachers’ perception of both their own teaching performance and the one of the whole schools community. This is indicated by the mean value for “feeling pretty good at teaching science in urban schools” (?=2.09), close to “highly unlikely” response, with the noteworthy higher mean (?=5.85) for “feeling pretty good compared to other science teachers”. The above mean scores shows that many teachers feels pretty good in teaching science subjects unlike the small number which does not feel pretty good for the teaching of the subject At the same time, autonomy support score show less strong preferences of the survey participants, with total score as well as the separate item statistics appearing to be generally close to neutral estimates. An interesting insight in this regard can be provided by the observed modest but highly significant correlation between perceived autonomy support and negative community-related experience. The low score on the Autonomy support for the principal is as a result of negative attitude that teachers community have on the principal/administration. This might be as a result of a number of factors related to community involvement in running of the schools affairs as well as issues related to good governance and ethics. The results from ANOVA and one-sample t-tests indicated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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