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Volume and density - Lab Report Example

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This experiment consists of two parts, the first part being computing for the volumes of several objects from measurements of its dimensions empirically as well as investigating error propagation; and the second part being the derivation of the density of objects again from…
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Volume and density
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Download file to see previous pages The density of the spheres is simply the ratio of its mass and its volume. Given the mean values for each of the five spheres for mass and diameter, again the densities are simply the ratios for the six spheres as given above.
Here it is clear that the errors propagate due mainly to the inherent limitations of the measurement devices for the dimensions. Due to the inherent limitations in the accuracy of the measuring instruments, the error propagate in proportion to the number of measurements taken and the number of variables that are taken into consideration in arriving at the values for the volume and the density of the experimental objects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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