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Unknown lab report flow chart and conclusion based on my results provided - Essay Example

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Looking at the results shows the various tests carried to determine the unknown organism which in this case was determined as Corynebacterium xerosis. The Gram stain showed the unknown to be a Gram positive rod. There are many Families of Gram positive rods - some of which can…
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Unknown lab report flow chart and conclusion based on my results provided
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Download file to see previous pages A third test also gave a positive result, so it was concluded that the first test gave a false negative result. This was determined since the negative result was inconsistent with the rest of the test results (not consistent with the other data from the Enterotube tests. The only Genus that is Catalase positive is the Genus Corynebacterium.
The Voges-Proskauer test was used to narrow down potential species within the Bacillus Genus. The VP test was negative and was repeated twice in order to be certain of its accuracy and reliability. According to Bailey & Scotts "Diagnostic Microbiology" manual, B. stearothermophilus only grows at above 65 degree C. and our incubation growth temperature was at 37 degree C, so that microbe can be eliminated from consideration. The Citrate test was negative on three trials, which eliminates Lactobacillusand leaves only Corynebacterium. Starch hydrolysis carried out proved positive therebyeliminating Corynebacterium kutsceri and leaving us with Corynebacterium xerosis. Consequently the identity of unknown microorganism is Corynebacterium ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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