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Educational Change - Essay Example

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This paper will give a discussion on why change is important in the contemporary education. Effectiveness and value of modern education can only be realized through a transformation of the entire education system…
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Educational Change
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Extract of sample "Educational Change"

Download file to see previous pages The value and effectiveness of education can only be realized by changing the entire system. Although current education is important in developing the society, it is not sufficient. In addition, contemporary education does not cover the cost that its beneficiaries pay to acquire it. Complexity of modern education in relation to the expectation of the real world is the main cause of low value in modern education. Current education needs to be changed in order to increase its value by eliminating complexity, improve application and to improve its ability to measure the intelligence and knowledge of an individual. Current schooling has many weaknesses that deny its beneficiaries the value for their investments in education. Although the flaws in existing education have been in existence for a long time, their impacts have not yet been analyzed. The education system was structured long time ago but the needs of the society have changed with time hence necessitating an overhaul change in the education system. (Hallinger, 2003). Effective changes on the current education can only be realized from a transformation of the entire educational system. Partial changes will leave loopholes or weakness on the resultant education system. It is worth noting that education is a multivariate concept and therefore, all facets should be given appropriate attention. Effectiveness of an education system lies in the ability to transform its beneficiaries and the entire society. Notably, education system focuses too much on theoretical aspects whereas the world has become more practical. Therefore, it is important to incorporate practical aspect in the education system in order to enable students handle practical life experiences once they leave the school. This is evident with most college graduates who never apply their education after completing their courses from various colleges (Hargreaves, 2004). The purpose of schooling is realized through application of acquired knowledge to solve real-world problems. Significance of education can therefore, be established by determining the rate of application of knowledge outside educational institutions (Hallinger, 2003). However, it has been found out that modern education system discourage application of knowledge in solving real-world problems. A lot of evidence supports that education system does not offer adequate skills needed for practical life experience. Most of the principles taught in school are either too complicated and complex to be applied in real life or are not adequate at all. This is particularly ironical since many resources have been applied to acquire these skills. It can be agreed that learning complicated skills is a waste of valuable time for students. This is because students spend their prime age in life acquiring life skills in school. If students are not able to apply the skills learned in school in real life, then it becomes a waste of time, energy, and resources. Changing the current education is important in order to incorporate the application aspect in contemporary education. Value of education can only be realized through application of the knowledge acquired through education. It is possible to view education as an investment since students will have to get returns once they start using the skills learned in school. With the rising economic crisis in many countries, investment in education becomes expensive both to the government and to individuals as well. Since beneficiaries of education use little if any of the skills gained from education in real life, then education becomes even more expensive. Simply put, return on investment on educations is not justified. The cost of education and the actual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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