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Contemporary and Critical Issues in Education - Essay Example

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One of the main challenges faced by the current educational system is to build an existing strength in order to create an excellent educational experience along with the successful outcomes for learners of all ages. With this concern, leadership is required throughout the modern education system…
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Contemporary and Critical Issues in Education
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Download file to see previous pages One of the main challenges faced by the current educational system is to build an existing strength in order to create an excellent educational experience along with the successful outcomes for learners of all ages. With this concern, leadership is required throughout the modern education system. It is worth mentioning that leadership for learning is considered as a process through which educational system can initiate changes in its cultural environment in order to increase the learning ability perceived by the learners. Leadership for learning is conducted with an aim to offer a wide range of opportunities to the learners which in turn assists them in order to gain highly beneficial experiences. In addition, leadership for learning enhances the career opportunities as well as develop confidence amid the learners’ by enhancing their talents and abilities (Education Scotland, 2007).
Leadership for learning is provided with the assistance of staffs possessing variety of skills and core competencies. For instance, it can be conducted with the help of pre-school staffs in order to establish interests for learning amid the children connecting them with imaginative and purposeful play in their learning process. Similarly, it can be executed with the guidance of teachers who build the confidence of learners in order to attain the skills to become leaders in their personal learning process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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