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Classroom Assessment - Research Paper Example

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Classroom assessment Introduction Teacher made tests that are not standardized and are designed by the teachers themselves. They are either oral or written and not standardized. Tests allow teachers to evaluate their instruction and allow students to check their progress…
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Classroom Assessment Paper
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Extract of sample "Classroom Assessment"

Download file to see previous pages There are five types of teacher made tests available, the first is the Multiple Choice Type. The test consists of items, which posses three or more plausible answer options available. This test is one of the best forms of testing. The test is objective and flexible a, therefore, preferred for that. “Multiple-choice items are the most popular, most flexible, and most widely used of the traditional items” (Catherine, 2005, p. 192). This test is applicable in the test of vocabulary, interpretation of graphs, relationship, formulas, and tables, reading comprehension and drawing inferences from a set of data. The second type is an analogy. It consists of items of a pair of terms, which relates to one another. The designation is to evaluate the ability of the children to match the pair in the relationship between the first groups to the second one. The relationship between the two groups may be according to cause and effect or purpose (John, 2005). The third type is the rearrangement type, which consists of multiple options and requires logical or chronological rank. The fifth type is the matching type, which has two columns in which correct observation of two related things. The task here is matching the first column with column two. It has two types that include the balanced and the unbalanced. The balanced type has an equal number on both sides while the latter consist of a large number of items on one side. “If students can figure out the answer to an item or question because of clues in the item or the test or because of problematic item formats, then you will not know what students truly understand” (Catherine, 2005, p. 191). Objectives and goals At the completion of the class, the child among other things should be able to describe the life cycle of animals, which is from birth all the way to death including reproduction. The child should also be in a position to compare life cycles of different animals. The child will also learn about the weather its changes and the effects on the environment and the tools used in the measurement of the weather. The next objective of the subject will be to enable the child to develop an understanding of the three states of matter and the changes in the states because of heating and cooling. The other goal of the lesson includes the concept of sound, its production transmission, and a change in frequency. In essence, the children should have acquired knowledge on the life cycles of animals, the animals’ habitats, and what they eat. The children should also be conversant with the basic elements of the environment, which include matter. Lesson plan Topic one: physical science Solid classification on terms of the materials used to make them, classification of liquids using their physical appearance and describing the observable properties of liquids. This also includes the identification of substances in solid mixtures, and ways of separating them. Show how moving objects exhibit different types of motion. Predict effects of a magnet on other objects. Differentiate the various pitches of sound. Topic two: life science The children should learn the classification of plants according to their differences and similarities, to classify human beings and animals according to their differences and similarities. Description of the plant life cycles especially flowering plants. The children sho ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Classroom Assessment Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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