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Tracking, is it viable - Research Paper Example

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Education Research paper Name Institution Education Research Paper Tracking is the clustering of students in accordance to their academic abilities in groupings for each subject within a learning institution. Streaming is the other term that describes this division in other learning institutions…
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Tracking, is it viable
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, the students in the lesser tracks get equipped with skills on welding, bookkeeping, and beauty therapy. Essentially, this paper will illustrate whether the tracking system of learning is viable or not by giving substantial reasons (Powell, 2000). In addition, it will argue out whether this system should apply in the elementary stages of one’s carrier path by including heterogeneous and homogeneous cooperative learning styles. As a necessity, it will seek to bring out the summative and formative classroom assessment by using flip classrooms or homeschooling as examples. Finally, the paper will advise on what the best alternative forms of instructions and guidelines would work well at the elementary level when applying tracking system. Tracking system has proved to be the acceptable and most viable learning system over the years. Various attributes contribute towards making it reliable. For one, this system has been effective in meeting the needs of gifted pupils within a regular classroom. The main advantage is that it provides the opportunity for the students to associate with their intellectual peers. According to Powell, (2000), this interaction mainly influenced their emotional, social, and intellectual well-being. On the other hand, tracking allowed students to feel lesser isolation and reduced stress levels because of their grouping with students with the same level of abilities. In addition, Epple et al (2000) found that working in a cluster was better than working alone as the group challenged individuals to give quality outputs. On the other hand, the average students have also been beneficiaries of this system through one way or another. For instance, clustering of these students is effective in identifying new leaders when the high performing students move to the high ability classrooms (Gentry 1996). However, high performing students shared a classroom with the middle cluster to widen their educational opportunities in their strong areas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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