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The Controversial Issue of Student Testing and Assestment - Term Paper Example

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The Controversial Issue of Student Testing and Assessment Name: Institution: The Controversial Issue of Student Testing and Assessment The legal and societal perspective of testing and assessment is that these tools are aimed at measuring students’ skills, knowledge, aptitude, as well as classifications in other topics such as beliefs…
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The Controversial Issue of Student Testing and Assestment
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Download file to see previous pages Conventional rules require instructors to interpret test scores in accordance with legal and societal expectations, norms and criteria; these norms are either established independently or through statistical analysis of massive numbers of participants (Black & Harrison, (2001). However, Christian perspective on testing and assessment differs significantly from the legal and societal expectations of administering assessment tools. Biblical principles guide instructors to adopt significantly different norms, aims and forms of testing and assessment. The purpose of this paper is to consider the controversial issue of testing and assessment from the legal and societal perspective and contrast these expectations to Biblical principles. The purpose of testing and assessment differs rather significantly across many groups of people considered as education stakeholders. For instance, from the legal perspectives, policymakers’ purpose of assessment include setting standards, focusing on goals, monitoring the quality of education, formulating policies based on results of tests and assessment, sanctioning or rewarding certain education-related practices and determining the effects of tests. On the other hand, teachers, schools and administrators use tests and assessments as tools to make grouping decisions by monitoring student progress, conducting curriculum evaluations and refinements, offering student diagnosis and motivating students through grading, promotion or mastery by defining grades (Gregory & Chapman, 2002). Societal expectations of testing and assessment include gauging students’ progress in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses, ascertain school accountability and make knowledgeable decisions regarding education and careers. However, from the legal and societal standpoint, instructors are allowed to provide standardized student tests and assessments regardless of the students’ abilities, inabilities or levels of knowledge and understanding. The tester, in this case, serves as a determiner of student knowledge. However, Biblical principles regarding testing and assessment are quite dissimilar from societal and legal expectations. First and foremost, Biblical principles require all educational procedures to integrate Christian teachings and messages. These Biblical expectations of teaching and instruction must be woven throughout all educational processes from instruction to assessment. Biblical principles articulate not only what students are expected to do and know, but also what is expected of students as they continue through their life journeys as productive members of society and as followers of Christ. As a consequence, Biblical principles that guide teaching, learning and assessment require that student evaluations and assessment must conform to Christian practices, which not only recognize, but also affirm Christian values (Anthony, 2011). This is accomplished by respecting the worth and dignity of all students. Effective assessment and testing according to Biblical principles also requires the provision of successful experiences to all students regardless of their skills, competences and aptitudes. On the other hand, the universal tests and assessments presented to students based on legal and societal expectations are contrary to Biblical principles. Biblical principl ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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