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How do teachers use the Internet in Education? 01-31-12 How do teachers use the Internet in Education? Internet, once benevolence, has become part of our daily lives today. Not only entrepreneurs, but students, teachers, and housewives use the internet for one purpose or another these days…
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How Do Teachers Use the Internet in Education
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Download file to see previous pages Today, teachers have also incorporated internet in their classroom environment. According to a survey by NetDay (a nonprofit education technology organization), approximately 84% of the teachers consider use of computers and internet a vital part of their curriculum. They think that internet enhances the education quality and 75% of them believe that it is an essential tool to bring new resources for the classes. Today, almost all teachers have access to internet in their respective schools and about 80% of all classrooms have online computers. The internet is beneficial to all its users, be it teachers or students. Most teachers find internet as a research device for retrieving new information for their students and then teaching it in class. According to NetDay, 48% of the teachers view internet as a significant tool for teaching and for the past twelve years has been used in almost every school environment. In the past, books were the only source of information for the teachers and students but in today’s globalized world, internet has become an important source for all types of information and teachers use it daily to teach their students. (Pastore, 2001) Teachers not only use internet for research and academic work in today’s society. ...
In developing nations, it is still vulnerable for girls to attend schools on a daily basis or terrorist activities do not permit daily education; in such instances, online education is the ultimate answer. Teachers at Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, New York University and many other higher educational establishments worldwide give online classes to their students. Video conferencing and virtual education have grown to an extent that people use it widely in all demographic regions of the world. Teachers also update their lesson plans and homework for their students on the internet on various websites of their universities. (Pastore, 2001) Teachers not only use internet for research and communicating with their students, but they receive trainings for their courses online as well. With the expansion of internet and information technology, principals of school find it important to train their staff to use the world of internet. Teachers today receive IT trainings via the internet so that they are better able to teach their students. Complex courses and advanced technologies’ trainings are given to teachers worldwide. Teachers are trained in information technology so that they can better integrate it in their classrooms. Approximately 34% of all teachers in Hungary, Canada, Japan, and Iceland use external training for advanced courses over the internet. At least 30 percent of primary school teachers in Hungary and New Zealand have received IT trainings. (OECD, 2001) The percentage of teachers making use of internet for educational purposes has immensely increased during the past ten years. Today, the concept of missing a class and missing all class work and homework has long gone. Teachers make sure that the students work on their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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