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English-Language Learners - Essay Example

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Running head: EDUCATION i ENGLISH-LANGUAGE LEARNERS Presented By [your name goes here] To [your goes here] [Your class name goes here] [Your university’s name] [Due date of the paper] Teaching Students in Primary Language Primary language plays a key role in success of a student…
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English-Language Learners
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Download file to see previous pages Advantages Some of the most considerable benefits include better understanding of course material, better communication with teachers, and better exam performance. 1. Better Understanding of Course Primary language teaching helps both teachers and students. Teachers are able to transfer knowledge to their students easily. It is also easy for the students to understand the concepts in their native languages because of their familiarity with those languages. 2. Better Communication with Teachers Primary language also helps teachers and students properly communicate with each other. Students can ask questions to their teachers in their native languages, which is not easy if the communication language is other than their native languages. Moreover, students can also share their ideas more effectively with their teachers. 3. Better Exam Performance Improved exam performance is another advantage of teaching students in their primary languages. Students properly understand the concepts in their primary languages. As a result, they are able to deliver good results. Students are able to write what come in their minds. They do not have to translate their thoughts in order to write them on paper. Disadvantages Teaching in primary languages also has a couple of disadvantages. Those disadvantages include poor grades in international exams and decreased job opportunities. 1. Poor Grades in International Exams Those students, who get education in their native languages, find it difficult to show good performances in international exams because the testing language for most of the international exams is English. Students having less knowledge of English language cannot understand the exam questions properly which results in poor exam performance. 2. Decreased Job Opportunities Today, most of the companies prefer to hire such individuals who are proficient in speaking English language. Those students, who have less understanding of English, are unable to get high paying jobs. Thus, the number of job opportunities decrease for such students, which is a major disadvantage of being less proficient in speaking English. English Language Instruction I personally believe that English language instruction should replace native language instruction. The reason is that English has become a global language. “English language, as of today, has come to be known as the global language of the world” (Bahadur, 2012). If we analyze different languages that people speak in different parts of the world, we come to know that English is the language, which has the highest speaking rate. Yorke (2007) states, “English is a global language that allows many diverse peoples around the world to communicate when they don't speak, read, write, or understand one another's language”. People belonging to different parts of the world not only understand English language but also they can speak it well. English language has been included in many of the bilingual programs, which validates its importance as a major instruction language (Marlowe & Canestrari, 2006, p. 154). The reason is that English is a language, which people use for medical, business, and scientific communication all over the world. Many scholars and researchers prefer to do their scientific and medical researches in English because of its high understandability and speaking rate. Countries can progress only if their citizens get high quality education from the best universities of the world. Today, the United States of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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