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A Modern View on the Kid's Complex Development - Essay Example

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The paper “A Modern View on the Kid's Complex Development” states that all areas of a child’s development - physical, cognitive, emotional, and social - are tied. The kid perceives the environment through physical activity, and cognitive activity is encouraged by adults by approval and interaction…
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A Modern View on the Kids Complex Development
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"A Modern View on the Kid's Complex Development"

Download file to see previous pages There were constant queries made by parents regarding the ways of upbringing a child and knowledge which would contribute to and support the welfare of their children. These various demands made by the society to gain a comprehension regarding the development of children and different related aspects directed towards the need and the development of numerous theories related to this particular subject.
The concept of research on the subject of child development is stated to be a current attempt. This attempt was not witnessed until the later phase of the nineteenth century and the initial phase of the twentieth century. However, the concepts and thoughts regarding the development and the transformation of children subsisted for centuries. These existing assumptions were pooled with the conducted researches which promoted the structure of theories related to development. A theory is stated to be an arranged, incorporated collection of declarations which explains, portrays and forecasts behaviors. The existence of theories is considered to be significant as they help in putting in order the structures associated with the development regarding children. To be specific, it provides a direction and implication to the made observations. The theories are believed to be confirmed with the help of researches which frequently provides a sound foundation towards realistic actions.
There are believed to be three issues that are considered to be basic and regarding which majority of the existing theories take a stand. The first issue takes into concern that whether the process of development needs to be considered as continuous or discontinuous. The aspect of continuous development is stated to be a course which entails slow but sure contribution of similar kinds of abilities that existed since the beginning years. However, the course of discontinuous development entails fresh ways of comprehending and acting in response to the rest of the world. These ways have been observed to surface or come forward at particular instances. The second issue states that whether an individual process of development portrays all the children and whether there are other numerous probable processes. And the third issue deals with the fact that whether the hereditary or the environmental features are to be considered extremely significant in manipulating development. This has been referred to as the nature & nurture controversy. Nature implies to the natural biological characteristics. It signifies the inherited knowledge that is gained from the parents since birth. Nurture implies to the multifaceted energies related to the social as well as a physical world which manipulates the biological formation along with the psychological familiarities prior and subsequent to birth. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Joural Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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