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Kids Marketing - Essay Example

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Satisfying children has been a matter of grave consideration for inventors, designers and marketers. With the population hike all over the world being kept under control, the number of children everywhere are stable or on the decline. But that has never proved to be a deterrent in the sphere of 'Kid's Marketing'; on the other hand, the value attached to 'Kid's Marketing' has soared in recent years…
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Kids Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages They can operate advanced technological gadgets from a very early age, and thus prefer gaming on the Television, Computers and the Internet. The rise of the nuclear family with working parents has substantially increased the amount of time they spend alone, which makes these games a wonderful getaway from loneliness and imbibes in them the importance of focusing on a particular job for a fixed period of time. However, since these games require minimum physical movements, they might lead to poor eyesight or lethargy, or create a negative impact on the young mind with pornographic or violent content.
With the advancement of time, traditional games that were played in childhood by today's elders have been forgotten. Children now are not introduced to these games, which are cost-effective, interactive, interesting and require a good amount of both physical and mental efforts on the part of the players. Packaging these games and re-introducing them to the children of today might provide a better play ambience for our kids. Games in childhood often carry with them some educational value, which goes on to reflect society. As such, introducing a Chinese game to British audiences might bring about multicultural, and multilingual communication. Instead of banning children from playing video games or surfing the Internet, these games might provide them with a better option to choose from.
A brand comprises of logo, name, slogan and/or the design scheme associated with a product or service. The popularity of a band with the consumers rests on its quality, marketing, advertising and presentation. A brand becomes a part and parcel of our very selves, implying our personality, social status, likes and dislikes; through its powerful symbolism of logos, fonts, colours, themes and sounds. Big brands build up their business through their individual consumers, who spread the good name for building business.
Since brands originated only after the advent of packaging, Industrialization might be said to have boosted the production of many household items, such as cosmetics, from local communities to centralized factories. However, soon the need arose to convince customers that these packaged products were at least as good as, if not better, than the ingenious products manufactured in and around their house. Therefore, we deduce that the earliest packaged products were branded in order to familiarize the consumer with the product. Furthermore, since proper branding is a prime mode of advertising the product, utmost care is taken to ensure that the brand looks attractive in the eyes of a new, potential customer.

Similarity between manufactured products often makes consumers feel indifferent regarding their choice and purchase of a product. (J. Blythe, 2005, Pg.147) Branding helps a product stand out among the rest, which is made possible by a unique skill of professional marketers. Like our signatures, each brand identifies itself through the variety of qualities mentioned earlier (P. Kotler, V. Wong, J. Saunders and G. Armstrong, Pg.549). Distinction, value addition and trust are the three elements that cause branding.
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