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English Language Learner - Essay Example

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English Language Learner Name: Institution: Observation and Description A). The teaching situation in the classroom can be said to be effective for learning. The teacher has ensured that the classroom is arranged in such a way that the learners have adequate space to be comfortable in the classroom…
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English Language Learner
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"English Language Learner"

Download file to see previous pages The learners sit two-by-two because two desks have been joined together. This arrangement makes the learner comfortable enough to be in the classroom and learn effectively (Emmer & Evertson, 2009). The classroom decor are appropriate for the level of the learners. There are boards on the classroom walls where charts containing useful information for the learners have been pinned up for them to see at any time. According to Evertson and Emmer (2009), this also aids in teaching and learning because the learners are able to internalize the most important concepts that help them understand what they are taught. The classroom discussion taking place is very effective because the teacher is involving the class in the teaching and learning process. The learners have been given the opportunity to participate in the classroom activities because the teacher is delegating them to answer the questions being asked in the classroom. Miller, Linn and Gronlund (2009), note that participative learning is an effective teaching strategy which the teacher is using in this case. The individual student work time is also appropriate because as seen in the video, the teacher is assigning students from each side of the class a question to answer. Students are called upon to go to the front of the classroom and answer the questions that are being asked (Slavin, 2006). ...
The teacher is generally asking questions and the students are volunteering to answer these questions. After the students have answered the questions, the teacher further elaborates that answers so that all the students can understand what is being taught. Question and answer method is an effective instructional method because it gives the students a chance to say what they know and be corrected in case they go wrong (Jones & Jones, 2010). The teacher is also using participatory learning by giving the students a chance to participate in the learning process. The teacher asks the children to come in front of the classroom and answer the questions that have been asked. In addition to the participatory learning, the teacher is also using direct instruction by providing information that the students need to know (Jones & Jones, 2010). C). The students appear to be very interested in the type of instructions being given by the teacher. The students seem to be pleased with the way the teacher is conducting the lesson. The teacher has taken into consideration the response of the audience and the contentment with the instructions is seen in the way the students are volunteering to answer the questions being asked by the teacher (Slavin, 2006). Almost all the students in the classroom volunteer to answer the questions being asked because almost all of them lift their hands up when the teacher asks who will answer each question she asks (Miller, Linn and Gronlund, 2009). The teacher is seen to catch the attention of the students by being audible enough and using a language that is simple and easy to understand. For this reason, the students actively participate in the lesson and show their willingness to learn by actively answering the questions being asked (Slavin, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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English Language Learner Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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English Language Learner
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