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English Language Learner do not Need to Become Perfect Speakers - Essay Example

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English language learner do not need to become perfect speakers as they will be making business and interacting with other second language speakers of English. Language is the very crux on which the whole world moves on. We cannot imagine a world without language and communication…
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English Language Learner do not Need to Become Perfect Speakers
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"English Language Learner do not Need to Become Perfect Speakers"

Download file to see previous pages One of the popular perceptions is that English learners needs to be perfect in the learning and should acquire the capability to speak flawless English. This is not a true scenario and it is just a general perception which could be disproved. It is not that the world comprises only of those people who know to read, write and speak English (Carrasquillo, A 1994). This paper will deal with the popular perceptions that are generally associated with language and its uses. Through a thorough, analysis and discussion, the paper will open up through facts that a person who is learning English need not have a great command over it in order to attain success in all of his dealings. It will also bring a clear picture that not all are good at English and there is no necessity to be afraid of being singled out in the learning process. Learning the basics of English is necessary for an effective communication and if one can put across the information confidently in an understandable manner, then the purpose is served well. There are different versions of English language available in the global scenario and this stands evidence that the language does not have a particular form. It adapts and evolves according to the place where the language is spoken. Thus, the essential part here remains the ability to communicate to the other party so that they can understand what is being said. Many people across the world give preference in learning their native language and take up English only as their second language. Except few English speaking countries, a vast majority of countries have only second language English speakers. This stands evident to the fact that a person who is learning the language need not be too specific about speaking perfect, flawless English as the person may often get to interact with other second language speakers of English rather than perfect English speakers (Mukherjee, J & Hundt, M 2011). Business English is fast evolving as the perfect medium of communication when it comes to trade and commerce. Business English learning is taken by non-native people who want to learn English as a second language. The learning form helps the people to communicate effectively in the world business forum and they were able to turn out great results using the communication. In this particular form of English learning, the rules as to strict grammar and sentences are not used; rather, the language is used for communicating effectively so that the other party can get to understand the conveyed message immediately. All the aspects of business communications like presentations, meetings and negotiations can be delivered with greater efficiency (Goudswaard, G 2006) If we take the case of International English, it is not something that is too perfect if the rules of English are concerned but it is the widely used form of communication. The world is composed of people speaking different languages and thus, it is not a necessity that the perfect English speaker tag need to be carried around. Ultimately, we need to deal with more number of second languages English speakers than the native English speakers. All that the second language English speaker needs to do is to master the art of putting across the information in an understandable manner and there is no necessity to make rigid. In fact, many people would prefer a casual business discussion where only the subject matter of discussion is given utmost importance rather ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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