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History of Tests & Measurements - Essay Example

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History of tests and measurements Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date History of tests and measurements 1.0. Introduction Tests are the basis in which accuracy, abilities and exactness are measured. In the field of psychology for example, analysts argue that it is impossible to attain certainty and accuracy of various fields, unless measurements and tests of various difficulties are devised…
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History of Tests & Measurements
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Download file to see previous pages This essay will highlight five themes in the work of Kubiszyn and Borich (2010). Highlight on implications on the educational sector as well as teacher ability in relation to these tests will be focused on. It is evident that controversies have been witnessed in this filed. According to Kubiszyn and Borich (2010), educators need comprehensive and practical approaches for conducting assessments on their learners’ achievements and progress in the classroom setting. Their work is, therefore, one of the most comprehensive one, that teachers can incorporate in their classrooms to focus on the changes required in the classrooms. 2.0. Effects of tests on the Classroom Teacher Tests play a crucial role in the teaching and learning of concepts in the classroom setting. It is through tests that Shepard (2000) argues that teachers are able to keep track of the progress of his or her learners. Through tests, teachers are able to identify the weak points of their learners as well as their strengths. For instance, standardized tests are well known for the identification of learners’ strengths’ and weaknesses. ...
Tests, according to McMillan (2000) are useful for determination of the best content to be covered by the learners. 3.0. Tests as Tools Analysts give varying views on the utility of tests, as a contributor of positive impacts in learning. Kubiszyn and Borich’s (2010), work indicates that tests are mere tools that are simply set to as a formality and no evidence can proof their validity. Not all students are in a position to understand the mechanics of all tests that are provided in the classroom. For instance, a well informed student may miss out a few particulars, in a particular test, and fail the entire exam. Does this mean that the student is a failure in that particular test or not? In this context, therefore, tests may not be regarded as useful means of assessments in the society. Tests, according to Burger & Krueger (2003) have an off-putting effect on the teaching and learning process. Tests administered during the learning process consume a lot of time that would have been used in covering the contents of the syllabus. Learners have acquired the skills of cramming certain tests used in learning process especially if they are aware that there is likelihood that those tests may be repeated at the end of the course. In short, tests overemphasize on the ability to learn fundamental skills by the learners instead of inculcating skills that will enable learners think critically and analyze situations in the society. In fact, statistics indicate that once tutors emphasize on teaching with the use of tests, there is likelihood, that learning records no change, though the scores of learning may escalate as a result of rote learning. In light to this argument, therefore, it is evident that tests cannot be indicated to be the best ways of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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History of Tests & Measurements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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