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Analytical Measurements Should be Made to Satisfy an Agreed Requirement - Essay Example

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The objective of making a measurement is to either resolve an issue or to answer a query. The results obtained from measurements are used to resolve and answer the issue or query in question. The objectives behind making measurements span over a wide range. …
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Analytical Measurements Should be Made to Satisfy an Agreed Requirement
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Extract of sample "Analytical Measurements Should be Made to Satisfy an Agreed Requirement"

Download file to see previous pages b.Prior to making a final judgement the results thus obtained from measurements should be compared to the existing standards already laid down to interpret the lower and upper limits. For example, in determining the level of alcohol in the blood of a driver charged with driving while drunk, there should be an existing standard level of alcohol in blood considered safe for driving and a limit above which it is unsafe to drive. The result obtained from the blood sample of this driver is then compared to the standard limit. (4, 10)
c.A valid measurement is the one which does not result in misleading an observer, or the customer of a laboratory making the measurement. That is to say, that if the customer makes a decision relying on the information obtained by a valid measurement then the decision is correct. (4, 10)
d.A valid measurement in itself may not be particularly accurate or precise, but if a conclusion is to be reached as to how the result differs from a standard then the measurement will have sufficient accuracy and precision to satisfy customer’s requirement. The correctness of a decision reached by relying on the information obtained through analytical measurement indicates the validity of measurement. (1, 4, 10)
e.The aim of the agency making Valid Measurement, normally a laboratory, is to provide their customers with results that are not ambiguous and confusing and meet customer requirements. That is why Analytical Measurement should be made to satisfy an agreed requirement. (10)
In analytical measurements the quality of data extracted is all that matters and good information thus gained is an outcome of good measuring techniques applied. For data to be of good quality the technique employed should be validated by being precise, repeatable, reproducible and stable. (8,9)
g. A precise technique does not have deviations in the result of same measurement. There should be no change in methodology of measurement and neither should there be a change in what is being measured. The repeatable technique should render the same result when the same object is measured over a number of times. A reproducible technique is the one which when repeated produces the same result. A stable technique does not change over a period of time and if repeated, in times to come, it should be able to give same results as in the past. (2, 5)
h. Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC) and National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have jointly developed Valid Analytical Measurement (VAM) principles, as part of their VAM programme to sketch a design for laboratories involved in making analytical measurements. Out of the six principles as laid down "Analytical measurements should be made to satisfy an agreed requirement" (4) is the first. (4)
i. To realize the importance of agreed requirements consider that there a number of tests which can be performed to carry out a measurement. An analyst, being an expert, must enter into a dialogue with the customer to discuss the quality of results, time and cost of these tests. The analyst must have the knowledge to identify customer's requirements. Moreover, it is important to gain an insight into the criticality of the measurement by virtue of discussion with the customer. As such, it becomes necessary to know for what purpose the result will be used. (4, 5, 6)
j. All critical and non-critical issues must be explained to the customer prior ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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