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Problem of computer with students - Research Paper Example

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Problems of Computers Ahmed Alkishi Research Paper Second Drift Dean Michael Lynn November 17, 201111, 2011 Abstract Computers have been in existence for several decades. They have evolved tremendously because of emergence of new technologies year after year…
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Problem of computer with students
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"Problem of computer with students"

Download file to see previous pages The following research has identified several major issues that student raise in regard to usage of computers and has briefly touched on their solutions. There is also evidence that these problems differ at times with gender and age. These problems need to be solved or mitigated for benefits of computers to be maximized in the learning process. Problems of Computers Introduction A computer is an electronic device for processing information and performing calculations. It follows a program to perform sequences of mathematical and logical operations. Computers are vital tools in learning. Because of this, many governmental and non-governmental institutions campaign for increased integration of computing into learning. Majority students also use computers since they make studying more efficient, easy and interactive. Even with verifiable benefits of computing in learning, there are various huddles associated with use of computers by students. These reduce efficiency of integrating technology in education. The following paper focuses on the various problem students encounter while using computers and some of their solution. Problems that students face in regard to using computers as a learning tool can be classified into two. These are barriers and negative effects of using computers. There are five major categories of barriers. These are: (1) Emotions and attitudes (2) Declining faculties (3) Financial costs (4) Unfamiliarity with technology (5) Age-unfriendly instruction (6) Lack of relevance/motivation The following two tables show the major barriers of female students in using computers. Table 1: Major barriers of female students in using Source: Survey Report by Palfrey, J. & Gasser, U. (2008) p 447-472. The following two tables show the major barriers of male students in using computers. Table 2: Major barriers of male students in using computers Source: Survey Report by Palfrey, J. & Gasser, U. (2008) p 447-472. Emotions and Attitudes Emotions and Attitudes are most frequent barrier for female students and the second most frequent for male students. A substantial proportion of students do not have an in-depth history of computer usage. Female students express this as fears. Students expressed a number of fears that they felt limited their use of computers: fears of the machine, of the unknown, and of learning, as well as lack of self-confidence. Some female students feel that use of computers is a whole new thing. There is fear of networking wires and possibility of tampering with the machine. Female students fear that they might lose their work by pressing wrong keys or maybe damage the software system by performing certain unintentional commands. On the other hand, male students express this barrier as unknown void, anxiety and frustration, and lack of self-confidence. This barrier is quite common to students who do not have an in-depth history with usage of computers. A computer machine is perceived to be complicated and difficult to master its use in academic purposes by students (Montgomery, 2009).This limits the extent of comfort and reliance in computers in education. Declining Faculties Faculties can be said to be one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind or physical body. This problem is highly experienced by senior students who are 50 years and above. There are problems of lack of ability to concentrate, catch on quickly or to absorb information explained to them. This adversely affect what the students retain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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