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Problem that facing some student in the univ - Research Paper Example

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From common households to military all are using complex and sophisticated tools to simplify their work. The increasing use of technology is also forcing manufacturers to come up…
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Research problem that facing some student in the univ
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Extract of sample "Problem that facing some student in the univ"

Download file to see previous pages They have simplified complex problems and tasks, and with the advent of internet the computer technology has literally shrank the whole world into a global village. Loads of information is accessible to a wide number of people due to the computer technology.
The field of education has also changed a lot due to the advent of computers. The whole educational system is now dependant on computers. Whether uploading one’s assignments or whether communicating to other fellow students, computers have enhanced the educational standards of the pupils. The knowledge that is now at student’s disposal is vast and this aids in learning of students.
With the advent of computer technologies, there is no doubt that our lives have become comfortable, but this is only one side of the picture. The issues that the world is facing now due to computer technology are also significant. This technology has brought with itself great amount of troubles for the society. These troubles are increasingly making people think whether this technology has some real benefit or not. The educational sector is also facing technology related problems and these problems are increasing day by day.
University campus is the main area that is affected by computer technologies. New and better equipment is at the disposal of the people that makes life faster and easier. But the same universities are now encountering with technology issues and especially computer related issues on campuses. The increasing use of computer has made our lives dependant on the technology and any interruption or breakdown of this technology can be very disturbing for the university staffs as well as the students.
It is therefore very important for us to identify the problems students and university staff is facing and provide a solution that will make lives easier for them. This is the main aim of this research. But for that purpose it is very important to identify the computer related ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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