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Create a global organization/high mortality rate on 3 continent/Assessment plan/summary Reflection - Research Paper Example

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Summary And Reflection. Institution Date Overview of the organization Incredibly what might seemly be a minute concern, in fact has humongous implication cutting across many continents and indeed human lives. Never before I have ever thought that humanity could be reduced to such levels as infant mortality has caused…
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Create a global organization/high mortality rate on 3 continent/Assessment plan/summary Reflection
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Download file to see previous pages In a nutshell infant mortality can briefly be defined as deaths that occur between birth day and one year of life. According to the experts, it can be broadly be classified into two categories namely neo-natal, that happen when death occurs when the baby is less than 28 days, and postnatal that refers to child death between the 28th day and 364th day. The major causes of death at this tender age of life are residential environment, health standards prior to the pregnancy, poor sanitation and hygiene, socioeconomic status, and stress. Reduction of the negative impact of infant mortality is the core purpose for existence of ‘Mother’s Keeper and Child Connoisseur Corporation’ (United States. Children’s Bureau, 2000). The Corporation’s head office is located in Miami, Florida, United States (US) and also has operation bases in three (3) continents. This operation bases are strategically located in the most affected quarters. The contents are Africa, Asia, and North America. In Asia the corporation operates in Afghanistan. A landlocked country with dry climate characterized by hot summers and cold winters. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), infant mortality is rampant with one in five children dying before the age of five and one in every 98 women been victim of pregnancy related complications. Alarming 68% of the population walks to access health facilities and consuming around an hour (Abbott, 2005). The other country is Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), although the country has good climate and prosper in agriculture. The country is still one of the poorest country across the globe and known main offender of human rights manifested by mass rapes (United States’ State Department, 2011). The last country where Mother’s Keeper Maternal and Child Connoisseur has its foot is Haiti. According to United States’ State Department (2011), 60 per cent of the population lives in rural areas and 1 out of 8 children pass on before the age of five (Gerald, 2005). The Corporation bridges the gap of provision of quality services at very affordable rates in consideration to the payment ability of the affected persons. To make its end meet, the Corporation sources for operational costs and additional funding through partnership and sponsorship with private foundations, pharmaceutical companies and governmental grants. Overview of the Leadership Development Plan (LDP) Assessment plan Essentially an assessment plan is a document providing guidelines and benchmark qualities on the progress of a project. Significantly, it counter checks the projected goals and objectives against the execution of the various plans and ideas. It is a critical part to an corporation as it tries to match the boardroom conversation with action. One of the core parts of assessment plan is the mission statement. A mission statement said to be a declaration of the purpose as to which an organization exist (Padma, 1998). The mission statement of Mother’s Keeper and Child Connoisseur is to tackle and decrease infant and maternal mortality occurrence in developing countries. And this is achieved through elevating health care services by easing access to risk appropriate maternity, comprehensive and infant well being. The core activities of this company is to provide advocacy, education, case ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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