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Global Climate Change: Educating for Emerging Crises in Eco System - Term Paper Example

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Global Climate Change: Educating For Emerging Crises in Ecosystem I have set off on a journey of exploration, curious about global warming. From the educator's point of interest, I have researched this phenomenon for a month, in and out of the scholarly articles, Internet…
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Global Climate Change: Educating for Emerging Crises in Eco System
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Download file to see previous pages How do I incorporate all those impacts that have occurred, and yet avoid being partial, or obscuring the significance of socio-political factors in it? I was able to keep my focus in large part thank to scholarly articles from which I gained insights and information about its particularities in the coastal regions of North America. This paper reflects my travel so far, enlivened and enriched with the quotes from the researched articles. Since global warming is the concern of all countries and nations, particularly those with a diverse bio systems and population, their governments found they needed to come to grips with it and to set up structures and implement programs to help identify a disaster and support coexistence with flora and fauna. Various solutions have been developed across the world. The initiatives that are proposed or implemented to combat these changes are determined to a lesser or greater degree by the variation in the climate change. These range from measuring the relative precipitation and temperature, to exploring the connections of the indigenous knowledge on climate change phenomena, to improved developmental studies assessing the global scale climate impacts and to a wide array of initiatives to respond to accomplishing the needs and concerns of more than 3.024 million people in coastal regions of North America (CEC, n.d., p.3; Fairchild, 2012). ...
In this respect, companies, individuals and the government do play a crucial role to frame up motivational measures for mitigation or adaptation. In 2008, a cross-sectional survey was conducted in The United States, by the method of random digit dialling. Personal relevance from health threats was explored with the Health Belief Model (HBM) as the frame and data was analyzed through “logistic regression and path analysis.” Of the 771 individuals surveyed, 81% (n=622) acknowledged that a gradual climate change was occurring, and that subjects were aware of the associated ecological and human health risks. The findings of the theory related to Health Belief Model (HBM) indicate that when climate change risks are applied to this model to gauge on the willingness of the respondents, the results showed that the respondents reported of reduced energy consumption. That means much emphasis was laid on their attitudes and public belief. Majority of the respondents from the study have reported to have taken protective steps towards autonomous adaptation to extreme weather events. The outcome of the research suggests that the motivation for voluntary mitigation is mostly dependent on the perceived ecological and fundamental threats by general awareness of the severity of climate variability impacts (Semenza & Ploubidis, 2011, pp 1-12). An article by Arthur Mynett, in the perspective of climate change initiatives and stories of solution, embrace innovative technologies as the way and means to protect from climatic ordeal. An example of the success story on the Netherlands has been cited in his article. The Netherlands, though a small country, has set itself as an example to prepare for the future threats due to climate change. The Delta ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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