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The Special Culture of the School Environment - Essay Example

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This paper "The Special Culture of the School Environment" focuses on the fact that changes within the school and the environment are continuing to alter according to the processes and alterations within the school. There is an understanding of the need to identify more with the culture. …
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The Special Culture of the School Environment
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Extract of sample "The Special Culture of the School Environment"

Download file to see previous pages With this particular process, there is the ability to understand the school culture through the organization, identity, resources, and community relationships which are established. The conclusion which the authors show is that there needs to be a re-evaluation of leadership and the association which teachers have on every level toward enhancing the school culture. The strength of this article begins with the different areas which are evaluated for teachers. Instead of limiting the environment to the culture that is expected in a general context, the author’s examine the specific culture of the school environment. The combination of organization, resources, and community are evaluated independently to create the right conclusion. This is combined with the dependent variables which are associated through the survey and observation to reach a better conclusion about what is occurring within society. This combination of information is one that allows the right evaluation to be made in terms of environment and with the concept of culture which is built from the different expectations with relationship building and the school relationships. While the survey and overall evaluation is one that considers a variety of concepts, there are also limits with the approach that is taken from the idea of teacher leadership. The evaluation of different components doesn’t move into the individual leadership styles or expectations that are within the classroom. This is furthered with the inability to create the right association with how one should respond to the environment or how each of the independent variables links to culture. The gap in defining culture, teacher roles and the other independent variables, both in the review of theories and in the broader context, doesn’t provide the correct association with what is needed in terms of leadership. The idea of teacher leadership becomes one that carries a gap toward the culture which is evaluated because of the lack of theory that is provided. Another change which would alter the way in which this article is presented is with the theories based on the evaluation. There were a small number of teachers that were observed and the survey was a casual and unstructured evaluation. If there were different structures or observations, it may have changed the results that were associated with the overall evaluation. The idea of teacher leadership and the model for school renewal may have carried different results with broader observations as well as more structure to the data which was retrieved. Further studies would need to be done to alter the way in which the information was presented.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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