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Client’s Name: Course: 20 October 2011 Teaching is arguably the most gratifying profession of all professions, teachers get satisfaction when they mold the life of students, this also presents an ideal opportunity for them to pass their knowledge on to their students…
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Teaching in Urban Schools and Low Income
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Client’s 20 October Teaching is arguably the most gratifying profession of all professions, teachers get satisfaction when they mold the life of students, this also presents an ideal opportunity for them to pass their knowledge on to their students. Teachers should be well compensated for their efforts but it is a problem in some schools that cannot afford to pay their teachers well and as a result of which the satisfaction level reduces amongst teachers, job satisfaction is really important for a person to keep performing consistently. Funding for low income areas is a major problem, a school without proper infrastructure would not be able to educate its students well, and on the contrary a school which has a proper infrastructure would definitely be able to educate its students better. The use of modern day equipment also plays a role in learning, teaching aids for instance can play a very pivotal role in learning. Students who are being taught in schools using teaching aids tend to learn much faster than students who have been deprived of it. This is where funding comes into the picture, the school authorities should be ready to shell out money to make its students better and teaching aids is a very successful method almost all the best schools make use of teaching aids and this is why the students learn much faster. Teachers also needn’t put in a lot of effort when teaching aids are being used. Such fine differences play a very important role in learning. Funding for Low Income Schools The government and the other authorities are certainly doing their bit to facilitate the low income schools with the best but at times such help is not enough. Students and teachers in low-income areas face a plethora of problems. Students who want to study further often fall short of money and as a result which they are forced to work and their education gets discontinued. This is really bad for the students because they fail to realize their potential and they also fail to accomplish their goals. Funding for such students has become available in the recent past, this funding helps them study further and provides them with an ideal opportunity for becoming a better human being. “The U.S. government's Federal Student Aid program provides information for college students interested in grants, student loans and scholarships. It is meant for low-income students wanting to attend college who do not otherwise have the financial means to do so. (Funding for Low Income Schools) FAFSA has also been providing students with relentless support; it stands for Free application for Federal student aid. FAFSA is really simple and easy to understand; the government either allows you to borrow money for your educational needs or exempts you from paying college fees purely depending on your financial position. This is a remarkable initiative by the government. Great efforts have been made to ensure that no student is forced, these initiatives have already changed the life of several students and more students will definitely benefit from such fine efforts in the near future. Small Classrooms Vs Large Classrooms Small classrooms have their own pros and cons, likewise large classrooms also have their own pros and cons and it is very difficult to say whether small classrooms are better or large classrooms, some teachers prefer teaching in small classrooms while some other prefer teaching in large classrooms. Increased academic achievement is the direct result of reduced class size, a classroom is considered to be small when there are 20 pupils or fewer in it. Students become well-behaved in a small class because teachers can easily spot the odd one out and can take them to task but in a large classroom it becomes really difficult to do so. “A clear small-class advantage was found for inner-city, urban, suburban, and rural schools; for males and females; and for white and minority students alike. The few significant interactions found each year indicated greater small-class advantages for minority or inner-city students. Targeting small classes in particular schools or districts may provide the greatest benefits at a cost that is contained, although it may also mean denying the benefits to other students or schools.” (Research on the Academic Effects of Small Class Size) To conclude it is fair to say that small classrooms produce better academic results, several studies have been conducted on this debatable topic and it has been found that academic results have been better in small classrooms when compared to large classrooms. Two problems were clearly highlighted in this paper namely funding for low income schools and small classrooms Vs large classrooms. References Funding for Low Income Schools (2011). Federal Student Aid. Web. Retrieved from: (Accessed on 20 October 2011) Research on the Academic Effects of Small Class Size (2011). Overview of Research on Small Classes. Web. Retrieved from: (Accessed on 20 October 2011) Smaller Class Sizes (2011). Pros and Cons of Smaller Classrooms. Web. Retrieved from: (Accessed on 20 October 2011) Read More
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