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Reasons behind the Early Drop-Out of High-School Students before Graduation - Essay Example

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The object of analysis for the purpose of this paper is high-school drop-out as an educational epidemic in America. Every year, about “one-third of public high-school students and one-half of all blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans” fail to graduate and abandon school…
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Extract of sample "Reasons behind the Early Drop-Out of High-School Students before Graduation"

Download file to see previous pages There are several reasons behind the declining rate of high-school graduates and the causes can be at either individual or communal levels. This paper is an analysis of the various possible reasons behind the early dropout of high-school students in America.
Education Week, the most reliable educational periodical reported that 607,789 students dropped out from public high-schools in 2008-09, and 1.3 million students enrolled in the High-school class of 2010 failed to graduate. (Rumberger 2). This means that American schools are losing more than 7,000 students per day (Rumberger 2). This situation has produced a question mark over the efficiency and effectivity of the American educational system, as well as its social condition. Dropping out of school is a long-term process of being disengaged from the educational environment. Although it is difficult to predict any single factor that results in the dropping out of high-school students, various researches on this problem have evaluated numerous contrasting aspects (Sloan 7). If the individual level problems are analyzed, then it becomes clear that it incorporates varying factors. However, the rate of dropping out between male and female students is the same as compared to those coming from different ethnic groups or income levels. An important reason behind this grave situation is the student’s background and socio-economic conditions of the family. Influencing factors like family income, single-parent household, parental educational level, and psychological conditions like locus of control play an integral role (Sloan 7).
The association between educational dropout and family income is of integral importance. “According to the 2000 CPS event (annual) dropout rate data, high school students from families within the lowest 20% income range were six times as likely as those with families in the top 20% income distribution to drop out of high school”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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