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The paper "Chicago Public School - Urban Education" discusses that minority students from diverse backgrounds constitute over two-thirds of the students in the Chicago Public School system, as in most other urban districts. Hence “the poverty rates are well above those for the nation as a whole”…
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Chicago Public School - Urban Education
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Download file to see previous pages The cognitive needs of low-achieving urban children in the middle and upper grades of elementary school are significant. They are unable to process the material they read and have low retrieval skills. Additionally, teachers have to take into account cultural To ensure high achievement among Chicago public school students, two effective strategies may be used. The first is the interactive instruction method. In this type of learning environment, the teacher’s role is primarily that of a coach or guide. Teachers using this type of instruction promote interaction between students and teacher, as well as among students. The teacher creates situations which will induce students to ask questions; the teacher will help the students to develop strategies for solving problems and will ask the students to explain their answers and discuss how they arrived at the solutions. Discussion of ideas and arguments among students, and with the teacher, as well as application and interpretations of the topic promotes a more comprehensive understanding of the topic chosen from the instructional unit designed by the teacher. Wiggins & McTighe (p.307) reiterate that teachers using the interactive method of instruction evaluate the student’s mastery of knowledge through discussions, tests, and projects that require explanation and writing skills.
This strategy is supported by a research study conducted by Smith et al (p.18) on the link between different forms of instruction and learning in 384 Chicago elementary schools. The evidence confirms that the extent of students’ learning in reading and mathematics is directly impacted by the nature of instructional approach used by teachers; and interactive teaching strategies resulted in more learning in both subjects, as compared to the traditional didactic instruction and review method.
The second teaching strategy is the “authentic intellectual work” method. This technique using more in-depth teaching and highly demanding assessment leads to increased performance by students in the academic subjects. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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