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Community colleges have conventionally played a very important role in the promotion of education. “To bring thousands of students up to speed, those colleges spent about $33 million last year on remediation — twice as much as they did 10 years ago” (Schulten)…
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What do Colleges Expect of the Students and Community
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"What do Colleges Expect of the Students and Community"

Colleges do understand that some students may not be able to have money in their pocket at the right time, yet they expect the students to acquire loan from somewhere to pay the fees or work along with studies to arrange the expenses. Colleges expect the community to be cooperative in this regard. Colleges expect community to employ the students and offer them loans for their studies. Colleges expect students to speak about them positively in their social circle. Students are the biggest source of advertisement of any college. Prospective students consult existing students to decide if they should seek admission in a particular college or not. These days, communication is promoted by the numerous channels of communication around. Students have contact with their friends through social media websites, telephone and skype. When students remember their college positively in the society, they not only benefit the college but also earn fame for their degree and hence, the quality of their education. Colleges also expect the community to promote good things about them. Colleges expect the students to have a good record so that they can be offered the admission.
“If you're not clearly qualified the committee probably won't even consider you” (Jenkins). Once admitted, colleges expect the students to be regular in studies and find time to do the homework as well as research in addition to the work they do to make money. Read More
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What Do Colleges Expect of the Students and Community Essay.
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