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Name Instructor Task Date Introduction Globalization may be referred to as the facilitation of relations and incorporation among persons, organizations, and governments of different countries (Rothenberg, 2003, p 7). Globalization viewed as a process of change has affected many sectors of human life, including education…
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Globalization Effect
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"Globalization Effect"

Download file to see previous pages Factors such as advanced technological changes and the evolution of advanced communication methods have informed the way modern day students think, learn and interact. The Australian education structure has not been left behind in the globalization process. It is for this reason that its education system is informed by changes in the society and promoted by top quality teaching, which is encouraged by critical thinking and compound global perspectives. This education system also seeks to expand students’ capacity to be vital consumers of information from the media, analyze information, develop arguments, tackle unfairness; grow compassion for others, and arbitrate conflicts (Bliss, 2003, p 3). The first part of this paper will therefore seek to examine the concept of globalization in light of the Australian education system and seek to analyze the extent to which globalization has affected the Australian education system. This will focus on technologies and mechanisms that have been introduced in the Australian education system. The second part of this paper will in part be addressed the impact of globalization on Australian education based on sociology and will thus lay emphasis on the impact of globalization on the interaction of students in the Australian education centers. ...
Australian students have thus developed their own perception and have used this perception to interpret and judge the behavior, lifestyle and standard of other people. To overcome this problem, the students are encouraged to reflect on how human perspectives are shaped by gender, age, creed, ethnicity, culture, class, geographical location, language, nationality, race and ideology. The challenge is therefore for the teachers to encourage students to appreciate the limitations of the perspectives they have developed, and challenge each other’s assumptions by promoting differing views that inject new ideas and perceptions of the world. This kind of thinking is known to encourage pluralist views, thereby enabling students to appreciate and respect beliefs, values and customs that are different from their own. This highly radical Australian global education seeks to prepare Australian students to live in this highly globalized world by acquiring a succinct understanding of a rapidly shifting cultural, environmental, economic, technological and global trend. The Australian global education seeks to support this assertion that the globalization theory and the globalization practice are linked with one another. This is because such a global education instills principles and values that enable the students to become better citizens of the universe. Most of this global educational change in Australia has been occasioned by rapid technological and multicultural changes that have revolutionized the global education systems. The technological improvements have made learning much easier and informed a rapid exchange of ideas and information. These advanced technologies have now been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Globalization Effect Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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