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NSW Personal Development, Health and Physical Education - Essay Example

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I. The Rationale for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K-6 “Sport is a common and popular leisure pursuit among children and plays an important role in how they develop their future leisure behaviors and understandings” (Schamlz and Kerstetter, 2006 pg…
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NSW Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
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Download file to see previous pages This program promotes the general well-being of the child as they will tend to live a balanced lifestyle, healthy sense of recreation and develop skills necessary for an active lifestyle (Anon., 2006). Sport also develops each student’s competence and confidence in a broad range of games, sports and physical activities. Students develop fundamental movement skills (FMS), progressing to more games and sports-specific skills in non-competitive and competitive environments that foster positive feelings of success and enjoyment. They will be able to understand dynamics, spatial awareness, relationships, timing and rhythm of movement (Anon., 2006). Kids who engage in sport have” greater anaerobic and aerobic ?tness than non-athlete in accord with their sport and its demands” (Armstrong & Welsman, 2005 pg. 545). Their sense of fair play is typically learned in sports. Values such as perseverance, observance of the rules and honesty can be learned in sports. II. Convincing the child to participate in sport Normally, children are interested in sport. There are instances however that the child does not show interest in sport. It is however important for the child to be encouraged to participate in sport not only to promote an active lifestyle but also to develop the child’s social capabilities through sport. ...
The concept of ‘serious leisure’ originates with Stebbins (1992 qtd in MacPhail & Kirk, 2006 pg. 58) and denotes a participant’s strong sense of social identity, level of investment and persistence in a particular activity, namely the commitment to long-term leisure forms” (Raisborough, 1999 qtd in MacPhail & Kirk, 2006 pg. 58 ). “The commonly cited definition of serious leisure is the ‘systematic pursuit of an amateur, hobbyist, or volunteer activity that participants find so substantial and interesting that, in the typical case, they launch themselves on a career centered on acquiring and expressing its special skills, knowledge and experience” (Stebbins, 1992: p. 3 qtd in MacPhail, Ann; Kirk, David, 2006 pg. 64). In short, the child has to view the sport as leisure for him or her to engage voluntarily. To encourage a child in sport, it is important to know what interests him or her. Maybe the type of sport that was presented to the child was not particularly interesting to him or her which is why the child is not interested. One of the best ways of making a child interested is by arousing his or her curiosity. Once the child’s curiosity is aroused, it will naturally follow that the child will try the sport. Friends that a child trust also plays an important factor for a child to consider a particular sport (MacPhail, Ann; Kirk, David 2006). It may not be the sport itself that may interest the child at first but rather the companionship of his or her friends. But if the sport itself will prove to be fun for the kid, then the interest for the sport will naturally grow and the participation will just naturally follow. It is just important at this stage for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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