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In the paper “Physical Education Class and Quality of Life,” the author describes his experience of completing a kinesiology class at ABC, which has contributed to improving his quality of life in numerous ways. Physical education has enabled him to improve in many ways beginning with physical fitness…
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Physical Education Class and Quality of Life
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I used to find difficulties even in making simple decisions but following the ABC Physical Education class, my mind has become sharper and I can make decisions fast without problems. This implies that while my physical health was improving, the psychological part also benefited from the class. In addition, I also improved with regard to muscle strength since I began attending the Physical Education classes. Here, my stamina, as well as my flexibility, improved. For example, since I was previously overweight, in spite of my significantly big body, I found it challenging to raise weights that I should have been comfortable lifting. However, following the Physical Education class, I improved on this perspective gradually. At one time, I visited my doctor because I had some health problems such as fatigue who explained to me that I had accumulated so much fat in my body to the point that the pressure of my blood was increasing rapidly. Since I started taking these classes, although it was not easy for me having a big body, I improved and the fatigue went away. I used to feel very depressed because of the problems that I was experiencing due to being overweight. However, since I started attending the Physical Education classes at ABC, depression feelings were gone since the causes of such feelings were also disappearing and improving my overall wellbeing. Moreover, my sleeping improved because I am now able to deal with the emotional challenges that result from overweight in a better way. My self-esteem also improved. Previously, my friends used to avoid me and even tease me because of my body. Since I began taking the classes, my self-esteem, as well as self-confidence, has increased significantly, as my friends are no longer avoiding me. This implies that my relationship with my peers has significantly improved. Since the sports classes at the college were well coordinated, I was able to acquire skills that I can use at my home to exercise and ensure that I remain fit as much as possible. ABC Physical Education lessons also involved sporting activities such as basketball, hockey playing, and swimming lessons. I learned different skills in the diverse sporting activities that I was involved in. This is because previously, I could not even swim but now I can do it without fear. The lessons also involved teaching on issues concerning healthy eating. This was geared towards the elimination of excessive cholesterol foodstuffs in favor of better and healthier foods such as vegetables. I learned which foods I should eat and have since been able to implement that in my diet. I think this is the main reason why I have experienced significant improvement in a short period. Therefore, completing a Physical Education class at ABC College has contributed to improvements in my quality of life in a myriad of ways.                       Read More
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