1) Conceptualizing Social Class - Classes Society 2) Conceptualizing Social Class - Understanding life Circumstances - Essay Example

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Political and social logicians define a classless society as one which is not divided into classes or communities and thus all people enjoy the same rank. There is no upper or middle or lower class. It…
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1) Conceptualizing Social Class - Classes Society 2) Conceptualizing Social Class - Understanding life Circumstances
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Your full full February 6, Myth of a less Society Theorists have been using the term classless society from many perspectives. Political and social logicians define a classless society as one which is not divided into classes or communities and thus all people enjoy the same rank. There is no upper or middle or lower class. It is a society where everyone shares an analogous economic responsibility. Marxist theory asserts that a classless society paves the way for communism in which all the members enjoy the resources equally and wealth is distributed uniformly.
We, the citizens, are very frequently informed, mostly through media, of the myth that we reside in a classless society. But if we give a keen thought, we come to the conclusion that our society is still divided into rich class and poor class. There are communities that are dominant over other communities. We face racism which strengthens the roots of the process of dividing the society into classes: tribal, nomadic, so on and so forth. If we talk about United States, the believers of the myth of the classless society stand for the idea that a large part of American population shares the same lifestyle, which means that America is a classless society. But by going into the details of this myth, we come to know that since some decades, the wages of Americans have been declining and to keep up with the expenditures, people had to increase the daily working hours and women started going out looking for jobs. Media has been playing big role in promoting this myth. The print media delivers news about business events but not about the related labor statistics which means that the citizens are only informed about the major economic activities and not about the conflicts arising as a result of class distribution.
Understanding Life Circumstances
The circumstances that a person faces through his life leave a great impact upon his mental and physical health. People have always been facing unfortunate life circumstances like poverty, starvation, child abuse, obesity, mental torture, and so on. Poverty adversely affects a person because he faces lack of income, resources and assets, and encounters disadvantages in his daily routine. Poverty results in continuous generation of a social class that lacks access to proper food, clothing and shelter. The poor do not have the power to change their circumstances as they do not afford education too. They learn to live with poor relationships within family and with other members of the society, degraded sense of worth and spiritual ignorance.
Poverty is mainly caused by overpopulation which is a situation where there are too many people sharing too little space and very few resources. People living with good standard in a developing country are regarded as poor by those residing in richer countries. Poor countries do not afford to give good quality of education to its citizens due to which they do not get employment and this increases poverty. Warfare has also been a big cause of poverty as it has resulted in human and material destruction at large scale. Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and hurricanes have destroyed communities and have given fuel to poverty.
What we can do about poverty is that we should look at individual causes one by one. For example, if the issue is unemployment, the government must take steps to increase the number of jobs and wages. If the cause is lack of education, then steps should be taken to introduce good quality of education to the society. Antipoverty policies must be designed so as to combat with this adverse life circumstance. Read More
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