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How Information Literacy Influences Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership in a Specific Discipline such as Education - Essay Example

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How Information Literacy Influences Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership in Education (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Information literacy could be simply described as that ability of identifying the kind of information needed; getting an understanding of how such information is actually organized, seeking the most reliable sources for it, locating those sources identified, critically evaluating those sources, and being able to share this kind of findings or information with others in a most coherent manner…
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How Information Literacy Influences Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership in a Specific Discipline such as Education
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Download file to see previous pages Besides, leaders must have the capacity of converting their acquired theoretical understanding into observable behaviors of leadership, practices and on a daily basis. When one applies this kind of approach to business education, it brings out the aspect of self-aware organization; which gets its operation theory internally, being able to apply the theory in effective usage models, and maturing such a model while at the same time document such evolution for the benefit of professionals in other places to learn from it. Most of such maturity models actually do exist but in many cases, they fail to comprise of rigors of literacy of advancement or even scholarly research (Turusheva, 2009; Lauer & Yodanis, 2004). When we are in learning process, broadening the comparative perspective of such students by use of international contexts gives them a universal pattern that is natural in terms of human behavior. When we apply this kind of concept to business education, evolving standards are illustrated in the international perspective which includes curriculum training imparted across transnational cultures and other social practices. Information literacy remains a critical trait and with the available information, all stakeholders in business education need to understand the need for consistently looking for new information that is deemed valuable, practices it at work and is able to create required knowledge to enable the entire organization to progress. There is a major problem in the current system since new graduates and the ongoing students have no capacity of knowing reliable information, nor could discerning differences in valuable and sound data from what be considered useless (Lauer & Yodanis, 2004). Scholarship, practice and leadership model dubbed SPL could guide the educators in business in the formation of present and future students and leaders who should be learning on a continual basis. Such a task is quite cumbersome given that it is enshrined in the attempts to reforming already established education models. The main approach taken by scholarship practice and leadership model has been the attempt to enjoin theory of different areas with required practices and trying to push new actions that have a beneficial and prolonged impact on those who directly receive such a model. Scholarship aspect in such a SPL model has all to do with gaining profound knowledge and understanding the various theories in the field and presenting constructively debatable arguments and criticism alike that influence evolution, research and thorough understanding (Tourish, et al., 2010). This scholastic level has been the confine of business education for many years. It is quite interesting that the role of education has remained in the transfer of knowledge by use of textbooks and constant examinations. Much as theory is important, the system of such education needs to give a clear guidance on the application of these grasped theories when it comes to actual or practical situations. Practice is influenced by information literacy through relevant application of such literally works that are currently found in fulfilling an organization’s proposition of value tenets. Such actions start by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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