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The Technological Impact on Education - Research Paper Example

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The aim of the essay “Technological Impact on Education” is to discuss distant-learning, which has become life saving for working students because they can study, work and support their families as well. However, there are some limitations of this…
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The Technological Impact on Education
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Extract of sample "The Technological Impact on Education"

Download file to see previous pages Can enhance your comfort with participation, which would otherwise reserve you because of presence of other students in a classroom (Siddiqui, 2004). How researching online, e-libraries and online journals help students with homework There have been many discoveries and developments in the world since its beginning, but one of the most startling discoveries is the internet. It has unveiled the problems and solutions of entire world. One of the biggest achievements of discovering internet is online learning, which has become a priceless gem for students particularly. On just one click, they can find out the lectures of classes they missed, in just one minute they can find out the ways to solve the most difficult questions. Instead of registering for a library, which is sometimes costly for many students, they can have access to any book they want (Williams, 2002). Online libraries and journals help students complete their assignments without buying expensive books and concerning pricey tutors. Moreover, internet helps students to get connected with international students, share their ideas and opinions with them and get exposure of their methodologies and ways of learning. In this way, students will use multiple dimensions to analyze a problem and come up with various methods to solve it. How Technology can Increase Learning Learning has never been confined in the surroundings of a school, college, university or any other formal setting to gain knowledge. But today, it has gone beyond the formal concepts of learning education, mainly because of technology. Due to the use of the internet, everybody has access to knowledge of the world. Today, people use the internet for many reasons and purposes. The internet has helped students and professional to seek every kind of knowledge from basic to advanced to the current developments in their respective fields, ranging from arts, sciences, sports, fashion, agriculture, literature, and what not (Reksten, 2000). Apart from students and professionals, the internet is being used by people to perform their daily life tasks in a better way. People use it to know about the latest machines and gadgets for their daily tasks, to get advices and tips for health and beauty, to get help in cooking, to know what exercises are the best for them, or to see a product’s review. Today, it is hard to find any topic given to a student for assignment that he cannot find on the internet. The use of the GPS on mobile phones helps people to know their destination and find the fastest route. For business people technology has proved to be very helpful because it reduces the time of their work as huge calculations can be done in minutes using several techniques and software (Williams, 2002). For children it is fun cum learning technology, there are many games that help children learn with fun for example, vocabulary games, pronunciation games, mathematics games and many others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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