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Critical Thinking Development - Essay Example

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Critical Thinking Development The meaning of the word “critical” is to express disapproval. It talks about several negative and positive aspects of any particular discipline. The critical thinking is a tenacious and reflective judgment about what to believe and what to do in effect of observations, acquaintances, and other verbal or written arguments…
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Critical Thinking Development
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"Critical Thinking Development"

Download file to see previous pages In our daily life we have a lot of decisions to make, important and ordinary both. One can use the techniques of critical thinking in solving the problems of daily life. As a citizen I can apply the techniques off critical thinking in my daily life. For example, in my daily life, how should I manage my priorities and my time, all these aspects are important factors of life that can be well managed by the principles of critical thinking. For example, my personal experience tells me that the moon is largest after it has risen over the eastern horizon or the time when it just sets on the western horizon. It is smallest when it is in the night sky above my head. It is clear to me that it is true; I have seen it several times with my own eyes. But what my personal experience tells me regarding this fact is false in a way. The apparent increase in the size of the moon when it is near the horizon is actually an optical illusion. In fact, the moon is neither closer to Earth nor does its actual size increase when it is closer to the horizon than when it is directly above my head. For many of us, our personal experiences seem to be the most coercing kind of evidence on which to base our beliefs. But, as the example of the illusion of the moon shows us, compelling personal experiences may result us in believing which is not true. Here, critical thinking helps in searching for the right and correct conclusion which satisfies our mind. In case of teaching and learning, there can be several different strategies used in critical thinking like think/pair/share, jigsaw, one stay other stray, reciprocal teaching, mini-lecture, active lessoning and so on. Among these different strategies I have to select the appropriate method with regard to my subject, content and topic of instruction. Moreover, the main factors of the selection of strategy also depend upon the number of students, intellectual level of students, individual differences, geography of classroom etc. The education system is the brain of society and is correctly called the backbone of any system. Similarly mathematics is called as the mirror of civilization and takes an important and considerable place in the curriculum of higher level of studies. These days, not only mathematics but also social sciences are becoming more and more mathematical. Therefore, teaching mathematics is very much important and essential in different aspects of learning. As a teacher, promoting critical thinking and problem solving in the subject of mathematics is crucial in the future development of successful students. Critical thinking and problem solving go hand in hand and in order to learn mathematics through problem solving, the students must know and learn how to think critically. In my belief, there are two values of teaching through critical thinking techniques. 1) Critical thinking focuses the students’ attention on ideas and sense making rather than cramming their course. 2) It develops the students’ belief that they are capable of doing mathematics and that mathematics does make sense. The main objective is to help the students to become familiar of the fact that the problem solving is not a special area but instead it uses the same logical techniques to which they are already familiar with and use in their daily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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