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Learner motivation and developing self-esteem. Becoming a teacher: knowledge, skills and issues - Assignment Example

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My observation of these videos is that as a professional,the onus is on us to be fully committed to the learners and learning.To validate each student’s presence,be mindful of their individual abilities and the fast growing information technology motivate their learning experience and to be competent to control my behaviour …
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Learner motivation and developing self-esteem. Becoming a teacher: knowledge, skills and issues
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Download file to see previous pages My observation of these videos is that as a professional,the onus is on us to be fully committed to the learners and learning.To validate each student’s presence,be mindful of their individual abilities and the fast growing information technology motivate their learning experience and to be competent to control my behaviour After: A professional teacher recognizes the key dynamic standards and characteristics which they must implement to become a successful teacher. They must accentuate empathy and a caring desire to ascertain motivation in their student’s road to success. The must continuously acquire professional knowledge and experience to make sound decisions competently and consistently. Consequently they are able to remain grounded due to a vast store of professional knowledge. As suggested by (Hogan, Rabinowitz and Craven, 2003). Conversely, they must be critical of their own actions and methods and they must re-evaluate their teaching methodologies to improve. In addition, they must maximize their students learning. A research undertaken by Borko and Putman (1996) indicates the intensification of abundance structured and adaptable bodies of knowledge allows the individual to engage in expert thinking and action .By having more awareness and knowledge teachers are more prepared to be confronted by the demands and challenges in their new environment. They are thus better able to capitalize on the excitement and rewards of teaching. Week 2 Before: In the early days of my development my thinking and knowledge was largely experienced through my culture of immediate family members. When I commenced kindergarten, I was mystified by various discoveries and learning experiences. As I progressed to high school, I became more aware of my emotional and personal development. After: According to Eggen and kauchak (2010), “developments are changes that occur in human being as we grow”. All development is based on three general principles. 1. Dependent on the genetic and the environment. 2. Proceeds systematically and in a predictable pattern. 3. Individually developed at different rates. An insightful understanding of these bases is vital for teachers as they provide crucial insight reasons into behaviours and developing thoughts of their students. It helps them to guide and direct that development accordingly. It helps to adjust their expectations to accommodate the student zone of proximal development into their teaching. Whilst social interaction with a more knowledgeable other is considered beneficial for children, they must conversely be in their zone of proximal development to gain any advantages of the support. A teacher’s role is influential, providing an interactive instructional support, enabling the learner to progress through the task which they are expected to master. Week 3 Before: As a child I fondly recall these experiences as influential: receiving/witnessing positive words/actions from significant others. At times it motivated me to try harder to achieve my goals. It has a profound impact on my behaviour. Once I fully comprehended the depth of the texts, it gave me more realization of their importance and improved my self esteem greatly. After: As noted by Eggen & Kauchak, a teacher’s role is to advocate as much learning as possible to all students. By stipulating an environment that is warm and supportive and safe, students are inclined to respond voluntarily to learning and open up to new experiences. This safe feeling is a conditional respond caused by conditional stimulus. The process involves attention, retention, reproduction and motivation. The goal is to provide direction for the learner’s action and point of reference so that their progress is measured. The process of teaching/ facilitator is under the spot light constantly. ‘This dramatic change of roles implies that a facilitator needs to display a totally different set of skill than a teacher’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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