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Practice of Teaching: Self-esteem in Dyslexic Students within a Classroom Setting - Essay Example

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This paper outlines that during the practice of teaching, teachers come across several types of challenges, the effective management of which determine success in teaching. Dyslexic students pose one of the most difficult challenges in the practice of teaching. …
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Practice of Teaching: Self-esteem in Dyslexic Students within a Classroom Setting
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Extract of sample "Practice of Teaching: Self-esteem in Dyslexic Students within a Classroom Setting"

Download file to see previous pages Building self-esteem in such students with dyslexia is the key to helping them overcome their devalued feelings of anxiety and frustration, and such remedial measures need great attention.
This paper undertakes a reflective analysis of the issues confronted by dyslexic students on the basis of a review of the literature on the topic, with a focus on self-esteem in dyslexic students within a classroom setting. It includes a profound analysis of how the teacher can make the classroom dyslexia-friendly and the lessons more accessible to the dyslexic student. It also attempts to investigate how structured, multisensory teaching, which in turn helps to raise the self-esteem of these children, can help children to develop literacy skills more quickly
In the contemporary situation of teaching practice, many otherwise effective teachers find themselves unable to deal with the issue of low self-esteem of dyslexic students, and dyslexia still remains a confusing term for most educators despite the fact that an estimated 10-15 percent of the general population has dyslexia. Significantly, teachers and reading specialists are frequently uncertain of the exact definition of dyslexia as well as their legal and ethical responsibilities concerning this learning disability. There are also several other issues confronted by educators dealing with dyslexic students, which will be considered later. It is therefore essential to seek to end the confusion regarding the issue of dyslexic students by first defining dyslexia indefinite terms and identify the characteristics of students with dyslexia as well as the ways in which the needs of dyslexic students can be met in regular classrooms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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