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Article Review - Educational Instructional Practices, Programs, and Strategies - Essay Example

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Article Review - "Educational Instructional Practices, Programs, and Strategies” Customer Inserts His /Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 19 June 2011 Educational instructional practices/programs/ strategies Research findings are school management’s tools for enhancing the school’s current classroom learning process…
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Article Review - Educational Instructional Practices, Programs, and Strategies
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Download file to see previous pages Research is a very important tool to enhance the classroom learning process. A. First Article Part 1: Summary of the Article. The article “The Detrimental Effects of Missing School” (Gottfried, 2011) emphasized that the school’s determination on the effect of the students’ missing school lessons on their performance during class tests or exams. The research centered on a large urban school district with special emphasis on high –need schools. Specifically, the study focused on the success of the no child left behind government policy. To succeed, the government introduced the Adequate Yearly Progress program to ensure the decline in the number of uneducated children. The instructional strategy/program AND the research that assessed its effectiveness is based on surveys. The findings indicate that missing school has a direct destructive effect on the teacher’s strive to increase the students’ academic performance. Likewise, the prolonged absences trigger a persistent negative relationship between excessive absences from class lessons to performance. The research focused on the academic performance of elementary school students. The research centered on the focused on setting up drastic school measures to address the decline in the student’s academic performances. ...
Second, the research zeroed in on both math and reading standardized tests. The research determined the effects of absences on the students’ noncognitive areas such as behavior issues. The study showed that the absentee students feel alienated from their classmates when they enter the classroom. In addition, several absentee students feel the presence of a gap between themselves and the teachers. Analysis of the concept & research design/methodology, and implementation of the strategy in school/district. The concept of the research was very good. The researchers focused on a topic that was very timely. The concept of the research is very eye –catching. The readers of the research will surely be amazed by the results of the research. The concept of the research was to aid the teachers and the school administration to revise their current curriculum. The curriculum must be revised in order to accommodate the reality that some students are forced to skip classes. The reasons for the absences are not a priority. What is the priority is to encourage the students to return to the classroom. Likewise, the school administration should use the research results as a guide to increase the quality or gist of each semester’s lessons. The time spent for necessary topics will be reduced to ensure that the students will learn what they need to survive in the world within lesser number of classroom hours. The research design (interview) was very timely. The researchers interviewed the absentee students, their families, and the community to arrive at a solution to the current student absenteeism situation. To implement the strategy in my school, the school will conduct its own ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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