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Bullying in Schools and Colleges - Essay Example

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This essay describes bullying in schools has become a matter of great concern nowadays owing to the fact that it can lead to disastrous effects on the lives of the individuals. The victims become helpless and there have been cases reported of suicides due to these acts of bullying…
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Bullying in Schools and Colleges
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Extract of sample "Bullying in Schools and Colleges"

Download file to see previous pages It has been found that bullying has increased to tremendous levels and it is almost impossible now to contain the problem. Due to the ever-increasing problem of bullying, it is seen that several states and schools have taken a notice of the grave situation and implemented laws to ensure that it does not prevail. A person that I recently met was quite a calm person in real but was a former bully in his school. He was known for his aggressiveness back then because of which the students feared them. When I questioned him I got to know quite a lot about him and made a general consensus about the bullies. The environment had a huge effect on the former bully but he got to learn things because of which he moved onto the spiritual way of life. His home life and family were the most disturbing things in his life and I believe that these things made him turn into a bully. According to him his family was more of the masculine type and liked being tough. He had four elder brothers who used to fight with him often. He was simply frightened of them and had lost self-respect in this cause. His father never paid enough heed to him and he had to rely on his loneliness for some time. This loss of self-respect caused the former bully to target people who were of his own kind. In other words, he looked for people who were more like him and bullied them. He used to look for fellow students who were scared and did not have respect for themselves and then bullied them accordingly. The former bully stated that he was greatly influenced by his family and somehow the genetic factors got to him. His brothers were known to be the most famous bullies in the high school and he followed in their footsteps. He also told that he got to learn different techniques of bullying through his brothers. Fighting with them was an experience, he says which made him learn how to tackle off the guys who were powerful than him. Above all bullying was considered to be a very cool act by him and other guys and this made him fall into the act. Genetic factors obviously did play a role as put down by the bully. Masculinity ran in his family and he practiced this masculinity on the other students believing that this would help him regain his pride. However, he states that over time he has learned a lot of new things and has moved to the spiritual way of life. Above all, he was affected by the fact that his family was nothing about honor. As the bully grew up he realized that his family did not have much to respect for others. Women were not treated as they should have been and he observed his brothers and father to find out the fact that they themselves were hiding from reality. None of his family members were able to lead a good life and soon he realized that masculinity was only a reason for him to be a bully. With the spiritual learning, he started to walk back from fights and became proud of it. He realized the wrongs that he had done as he put in the interview. He also went to many of the people he had bullied to apologize and most of these apologies were accepted, fortunately. His personality traits can be related to those of a normal person as he realized about them when he grew up. The former bully started feeling the emotions of others when he grew up and respected the people who stood up against him. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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