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Google tools - Essay Example

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Running head: GOOGLE INSTRUMENTS Google Instruments Author’s name Institutional Affiliation GOOGLE INSTRUMENTS Abstract Google instrument Google Page Speed (URL ) was studied in the context of the given research task. Nowadays Google is regarded as the most efficient and powerful search engine…
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Google tools
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Extract of sample "Google tools"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, users have the opportunity to assess and address the causes of slow page loading. The download speed is estimated on a scale of 100 points. Webpage “Page Speed Online” was tested with a view to assess its own speed loading; it got an overall Page Speed Score of 96 (out of 100). The result obtained can be regarded as excellent. Recommendations on improvement of the site load speed are divided into three points: high-priority, medium priority and low priority. Thus, users have the opportunity to optimize their sites accordingly. Google Page Speed is capable to analyze the mobile versions of various websites and provide the recommendations on their optimization. One can use Google Page Speed absolutely free. Key words: Google search, Google Labs, Google instruments, Page Speed testing. GOOGLE INSTRUMENTS Google is considered to be the most powerful search engine. Shortest time of indexing, a huge number of data centers, unique algorithms for information processing and other achievements of the company create conditions under which the search of necessary data is becoming more and more perfect. But Google is not only a search engine - it is also a mail server, and promotional projects (Adsense and Adwords), and free blogging service, as well as tools that allow interested users to obtain various information for any purpose. Benefits of Google services and tools are centralized data repository and thought-out interface availability. Nowadays a lot of people complain of the low quality of websites page loading. Now it is easy to check up the speed of any loading page you are interested in. Google released a tool that measures the speed of any web page downloading. The given tool, which is available in Google Labs, analyzes download speed of any specified website, besides it makes recommendations on how to improve it. And though there are a lot of similar instruments in the network (reviews of instruments measuring the speed of site downloading), a tool suggested by Google arouses a special interest of users. This experimental tool for assessing site speed is called Google Page Speed (URL < >). It should be noted that the given instrument is easy to use. Just enter your website address, and Google will return a page with a speed rating of the site loading; suggestions on how to improve loading speed will be also helpful. The download speed is estimated by a 100-point scale. It is curious to know that the very page “Page Speed Online” got an overall Page Speed Score of 96 (out of 100), so, needless to say, that the result is more than just good. Recommendations on improvement of the site load speed (or the reasons for its slow-loading) are divided into three points: high-priority, medium priority and low priority. Thus, we have clear guidelines how to start optimizing the site for its faster loading. Here are some examples of how Google GOOGLE INSTRUMENTS assesses the reasons for a site slowing down: High priority: enable caching. Medium priority: combine images into CSS sprites to minimize JavaScript, optimize the styles and minimize diversion. Low priority: hide redirects; zoom the image out; minify the CSS; minify HTML. (URL ). The assessment tool Google Page Speed ??has an advantage over other tools because of its capability to analyze the mobile versions of various ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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