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Musical Instrument Museum - Essay Example

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This essay describes Ancient Chinese musical instruments that were categorically made gourd, wood, leather, clay, stone and metal. The writer will base his paper on the attending The Musical Instrument Museum.The instruments include plucked string, woodwinds and yangqin among others…
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Musical Instrument Museum
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"Musical Instrument Museum"

Download file to see previous pages The yangqin is a commonly used Chinese musical instrument because it was present in the three episodes and also at the museum. Yangqin is a dulcimer, and people play it using bamboo mallets pair rubberised on one end. It is played by hitting the string with the rubberised end, but the mallets can be used through being turned over to create a sharper note. In playing some Chinese song, the player holds the mallets vertically and makes the use of the other end or the use of hands to pluck. Yangqin is referred to as a versatile instrument because it is able to play arpeggios or rapid running tunes. Liuqin was also available in the museum and at the three episodes. This instrument is referred to as a soprano range lute. Liuqin has two sound holes located at the side of the body. The instruments also look similar to pipa but has is smaller. Liuqin has four strings that are turned G3-D4-G4-D5. The instrument just like guitar is played using the plectrum. An individual can change the pitch by pressing slightly above the frets of the instrument. It is a soprano instrument because it has a bright and penetrating sound. The range of liuqin is similar to the violin.Pipa is another instrument that was present in the museum as well as in the three episodes.Pipa has been associated with imperial songstresses and concubines at teahouses since it conveys the stereotypical demure damsel image. Pipa does not have the sound hole, but this does not limit it from producing musical sound just like other plucked string instruments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Musical Instrument Museum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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